Other Voices

Unschoolers whose writings merited special collections

People like different writers' voices and will develop favorites. Here are some to try. The pages might have photos and intros, or might not, but the link is here because I found I had saved half a dozen or more things from the same author, and wanted to share the collections with others.

There are people here from various parts of four continents, with writing spanning nearly 30 years. Browse; search; enjoy!

Alex Polikowsky

Ben Lovejoy

Brie Jontry

Caren Knox (dharmamama)

Clare Kirkpatrick

Colleen Prieto

Dan Vilter

Deb Lewis

Janine Davies

Jen Keefe

Jenny Cyphers

Jo Isaac

Joyce Fetteroll

Karen James

Kathy Ward

Kelly Lovejoy

Lyle Perry

Marta Venturini Machado

Meredith Novak

Pam Laricchia

Pam Sorooshian

Pushpa Ramachandran

Ren Allen

Renee Cabatic

Rippy Dusseldorp

Robyn Coburn

Schuyler Waynforth

Sylvia Woodman

Zann Carter

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