Videos of Sandra, Holly, the house...

Sound files without video, mostly about unschooling, most free and right there, are here at "listen".

NEW October 25, 2012 installment of Doing Life Right series, on unschooing, video with transcript. click here

The Path to Unschooling
Watch it on another page, with a read-along transcript!
Unschooling & Real Learning
... part 2 with transcript
Holly Dodd on questions people have asked
Here it is with a transcript.
The Universe Inside Your Head
Part 3, Read Along Version

The videos above were made by Lee Stranahan, whose YouTube Channel was deleted after two warnings (not related to unschooling). Two of the videos were retrieved and are at the linked pages (those on the left). The other two have transcripts at those links.

My Unschooling Playlist at youtube:

Below are little home things done with camera phones and such to document this or that around the house.

There are two videos of books in my house, taken when someone said I shun books:
I didn't bring them here because there's commentary there that goes with them.

Pete and... (Well... it shouldn't be written down.) it's short

Holly Dodd Your House as a Museum Strewing