Dan Vilter

Dan speaks about technology at homeschooling conferences, and he takes good photographs and then knows what to do with them (another technical thing, and artsy).

Dan Vilter has been enjoying his unschooling adventure with his 17 year old, never been schooled son, Matthew and his lovely and talented wife, Jocelyn. Unschooling was an easy path to take while watching Matthew learn and grow in his own direction and time from the earliest age. Dan takes pleasure in the company of other unschoolers everywhere and at the Dragontree support group (dragontree.org) in Southern California. Dan teaches theatre classes at Citrus College and is the Production Manager and Technical director at the Haugh Performing Arts Center in Glendora California where he gets to make art, entertainment, and technology come together. He is a strong advocate for the use of computers, the Internet, television and video games in a well-rounded pool of resources.

Matthew, Jocelyn and Dan Vilter

Outlines for Talks

"These are outlines that I used to give various talks. They are just my outlines. Please forgive their sketchy nature they were originally intended only for my eyes. I am posting them here because several people asked me to."
  • Reading in Good Time
  • Embrace the Internet
  • The Riches of Video Gaming
  • The Benefits of Television
  • Making Video Games Easier
    Researching game details (codes, 'cheats,' etc.) to help your children.

    outline notes for "The Benefits of Television" session (possibly an older version, but has lots of links)

    Homeschooling Resources

    Including "A Richer Life", an article of Dan's that appeared in Live Free Learn Free in March 2005.

    Vilter Family Homepage

    Vilter Photos of Live and Learn Unschooling Conference and things they saw on the way to Albuquerque and back.

    (Vilter photos)
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