Pam Laricchia* on Unschooling

NEW in 2013: Interview, "Unschooling is Life" (extended version of an interview by Sandra Dodd, for HSC's magazine)

Pam's own unschooling site is LivingJoyfully.ca

Shakespeare is Fun! was lifted from a forgotten blog. (Near the bottom of that page.)

Typical Day, from when Alyssa had just turned nine.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Video Games
This contains the graphics presented, and the text of the talk, when this talk was first given at the Live and Learn conference in Peabody MA in 2004.

Unschooling Passions, by Pam Laricchia

The graphics from that page (click to enlarge):

Q: How is your name pronounced?
A: It sounds like "La RICK ee a". Four syllables. It's Italian, by marriage (my husband's name is Rocco).
    Their alphabet doesn't have a "k", so the letter combination "cch" produces the "k" sound. —Pam