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Sylvia was wonderfully interviewed by Pam Laricchia. This links to the introduction from Pam's e-mail newsletter, for Unschooling Stories with Sylvia Woodman, February 1, 2018

This is good. Read it!

The recording and transcript are elsewhere (and linked there) but the very cool summary and intro has come and gone, so I saved it for you!
Sylvia Woodman, February 2014:
It is our job as unschooling parents to help bring the world to our kids and our kids to the world. Unschooling is not "whatever you want honey I'll be over here doing my own separate thing I'm sure you'll figure it out." That would be neglect. We need to consistently be providing something better, richer, interesting, more vivid than they they would be getting in school. It's not up our kids to ask for enrichment. It is up to us to provide it.
on the page Building an Unschooling Nest

In a discussion on limiting children's choices about food, Sylvia wrote: "Jo, Meredith Novak, and I did a roundtable discussion on this topic with Pam Laricchia that might be of interest to people."

EU123: Unschooling and Food Round Table (this leads to video!)


Sound file, to download, or to listen while you drive or work

Sylvia and Jim, wedding

"Take small steps toward positive change."—Sylvia's writing on factors that can affect unschooling (third item on that page)

This links to Sylvia's thoughts on the passing of her mother:

Do what it takes

"Rather than worry that I'm not doing enough for my family, I'm doing what it takes for me not to wonder about that. Working to improve children's lives seems to ripple across generations."
—Sylvia Woodman

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