Marta Venturini Machado
Marta lives in Lisbon is sometimes my "distant assistant," helping me stay on task and not to forget to do things I've said I will do, regarding unschooling chats and website updates. She has edited many of the transcripts of unschooling chats.

In 2015, Marta changed her maiden name to her husband's name, and I'm (too slowly) working to create a page with her notes about doing so, and why.

In 2013 Marta organized an unschooling conference in Lisbon, Simpósio "Sandra Dodd e amigos em Lisboa".

She has translated many articles into Portuguese, and a good number of quotes from Just Add Light and Stir (translations collected here at Juntar uma pitada de luz e mexer). (Links to other translations are there, too.)

In 2012, she put subtitles on a video about unschooling, and the text (and subtitled video) are here: Fazer o "Unschooling" Bem

Marta's family at the end of 2015

Here are some photos of her by her husband, Bruno:

 photo IMG_6246-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6262.jpg  photo IMG_6266.jpg