Kelly Lovejoy

Kelly Lovejoy is the unschooling mom of Cameron and Duncan. Their dad, Ben Lovejoy, is big into unschooling advocacy too. Kelly and Ben ran the Live and Learn Conferences for seven years.

What is Unschooling?
Kelly's response to "What exactly is unschooling? I thought it was another name for homeschooling."

In German: Organic Learning (Naturgemäßes Lernen), from the German magazine unerzogen, 2007.

Wet Paint!
"I want my boys to know that they have the right to question everything. They are under no obligation to believe anything anyone says. Touch the bench!"

Kelly's best-known piece of unschool writing is her article on The Three Stages of Unschooling.


I was at a meeting two weeks ago and was asked a bit about unschooling. I simply told her what all Cameron was into. It's impressive, so it sounds *really good*!

She then asked what Duncan was into. Honestly, the only answer I had was "Games." But then I elaborated: "Video games, computer games, card games, board games, math games, word games, physical games."

That was SOOO eye-opening for me: He gets to learn from games. How damned COOL!

This quote lives on the Unschooling and Games page.

from Kelly's presentation "Out of School and Into the Real World"

I am green with envy of all the rest of ya’ll who figured this all out really early.
I wish I’d found I’d found the family bed,
I wish I’d discovered peaceful parenting,
I wish I’d not sent my kid…

We waited ‘til Cameron was twelve.

[Then many stories of how they came to unschooling, and of its wonderful effects on their lives.]
Nobody here is going to tell you "I wish I'd found unschooling later." I could just kick myself for not pursuing it any earlier.
Kelly Lovejoy

From the "If Only..." page.

Considering Stress and Burnout in light of Unschooling

Kelly and Ren Allen created a discussion list for those new to the philosophy of unschooling. It was called Unschooling Basics. (Yahoo removed archives, but the archive rescue result is here)

Kelly expresses her confidence:
"I am armed to the teeth. I'm ready for any legal fight that would come about should we be targeted—and woe to the poor soul who who attacks us!. . . .

A huge part of my confidence is knowing that what I'm doing by unschooling is R-I-G-H-T! Unschooling is the only way to learn. I KNOW that in my heart. I have NO doubts. Not a one." (read more)

Kelly's husband, Ben Lovejoy, has written too, and here's something great: Living by Principles instead of by Rules

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Cameron and Kelly, 2005

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