INTRO, July 2013:

I regret the need to host this information. It is not representative of my website, which has over 1000 URLS of happy, uplifting information about parenting and unschooling. These few pages will be very small, and in a back room, for future reference. They will not be featured nor spread around freely. If someone asks or has a need to know, the information will be here.

I am willing to host this because people have entrusted me with their stories and asked me to do something. In the long run, what I intend to do is to let this collection, once completed, sit quietly while I continue the work I have done with and for unschoolers, in print, online and in person, since the early 1990s.

—Sandra Dodd
July 29, 2013

Problems with Dayna Martin, 2013 and prior

Early in this Clearinghouse project, I had considered asking people to ask Dayna to answer questions about a few things, to give her a chance to tell her side or clarify.

Now I think that whatever she says is worthless, because she changes her story so much.

The thing about lying is that it doesn't really matter what the truth is, at some point. The lying itself is proof enough. Either Dayna has a loving home and "a wonderful husband who she spends her days with in love, freedom and peace," or she's afraid of him and he's violent (which she has reported, to get people to keep things she does secret).

Either way, she's dishonest. Either she has an abusive husband she fears, or she's willing to lie about him and claim he's abusive, to get her way about things elsewhere.

Either way, it makes her descriptions of her family untrue.

Sandra Dodd, Clearinghouse page, August 8 at 9:25am

La Leche League discrepancies and misrepresentations

Raw foods discrepancies, misrepresentations and plagiarism

Plagiarism (some smaller examples, verbal and visual, on that page; larger issues detailed on their own pages:

Sexy Birth * "Birth Art" * Articles on birthing * Babywearing article * Fairy Godmother game * Dragontree Home Learners group descriptions * Plagiarism of conference art * (unfinished but some evidence shown in) "Just Be It" article plagiarism

Biography/Resume Problems

Timeline (not yet filled in)

Links with accounts of Dayna Martin's actions in and leading up to the summer of 2013

Exchange with Ren Allen, 2008, about UnschoolingAmerica

Problems with the demise of the Australian unschooling conference (includes my declining to participate in a 2012 Australian "tour")

Bullying, threats, control (mostly Joe)

My commentary prior to the creation of this page: Some information on Dayna Martin

Still in progress, gathering or formatting:

Unschooling Book problems

London Conference misrepresentations (not much there yet; more to come)

Cruise misrepresentations (just the beginnings)

Abandoned Projects (maybe ten or twelve in six years, some having accepted other people's money or made false claims on which other financial decisions were based)

Willow Toys, claims, problems

TV-show plans, claims, misrepresentations (barely started)

False e-mail disguise