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For some people, their main objection is that the claim of knowing about, and eating, all raw foods, seems false.

For others, the major problem is the discrepancy in claims of the time of dietary change, of weight loss, or of becoming "a chef."

03.12.11 - writes blog post “True Food Freedom” and states, “We are very aware and educated about genetically modified foods and organic foods.” (https:// backup, as it has been blocked from the internet archive

10.04.11 - states she has been raw for 1 month. The post was then deleted the same day it was brought to the Clearinghouse group on Thursday, August 1, 2013. (Screen capture before it was deleted, and if you click the image that opens, it will enlarge)
10.13.11 - Twitter Status ( 124567416754802688) about being raw vegan for a month on The Sparkling Martins blog (the original blog post has since been deleted) Dayna Martin @‏ DaynaLMartin I've been a raw vegan for only a month now and it has improved my life on so many levels!
12.29.11 - states she has been raw for 6 months ( blog-post.html) ("Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.")
12.30.11 - Twitter Status ( 152789085256286212) about new raw food blog Dayna Martin ‏@DaynaLMartin 30 Dec 11 Check out my new blog: Its all about my raw food adventures :)
01.27.12 - Twitter Status ( Dayna Martin @‏ DaynaLMartin 27 Jan 12 raw dinner is on the table hope #joemartinphotog likes it
02.10.12 - states she has lost 50lbs since going raw ( 2012/02/rawkin-support.htm)
02.15.12 - posts about Life Rocks conference “Uncooking: Intro to Raw Food” hosted by Dayna Martin
03.01.13 - again states to have lost 50lbs since going raw (http:// (internet archive capture)
03.13.12 - states she has been raw for 9 months; “Orion and Devin still love their breads and cheeses, and I am supportive of their choices, but now, I am more in tune with organic and wholesome sources of these items, so my shift has affected them too.” ( text, in case that post is removed, too
04.11.12 - states she went from Standard American Diet to 100% raw almost overnight (
04.18.12 - created (
05.14.12 Wayback machine capture of Raw Envy blog, with this note in the sidebar:
I've lost 50 pounds in 6 months after going raw! Today, I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life. Raw foods have helped me reach my full potential and thrive in a way that I've never experienced before! I am more focused, happier and filled with an enormous sense of well-being.*

06.27.12 - Rawk Starz food catering, instruction and personal chef business announced on raw food blog ( Backup
07.07.12 - Rethinking Everything: Freedom & Responsibility Interviews Barb Lundgren Interview with Dayna Martin, Recorded: June 7, 2012 (http://

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DAYNA: “...just to pull in another topic really briefly – that since I shifted to a more raw foods/living foods diet, I need less sleep now which is kinda cool. So, Barb I’ll go to bed at the same time as the kids, and then I’ll wake up two or three hours before them so I have a good two or three hour time where I do my online work.”
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BARB: Well, we don’t have a whole lot of time left and I want to hear just a little bit about your big transformation over the last year or so into raw food.

DAYNA: Yeah, well, I laugh about it because I swear, Barb, I never would have pictured that this would be me, like ever! It’s so funny. If you were to tell me a year and a half ago about raw food, I would say, “What? Are you crazy? Salads all the time? No way!” I was never – we were never unhealthy eaters, but we’re pretty Standard American Diet. I made American Chop Suey and fried chicken and meatloaf and potatoes and cherry pies and I’ve always kind of enjoyed cooking. But, yeah, it’s completely, completely changed my life. It truly has. When I started learning about it – it was more the energetics behind the food that really hooked me. Like everybody gets hooked into different things, raw food for different reasons, but it was when I started reading about the food and the actual living enzymes that I was so intrigued. I’m like, “Wow, that makes so much sense. When food is living and you are living – you are on the same vibration of it – and eating living foods really makes you feel alive and gives you energy.” And it did. I made the shift pretty quick, actually. Almost overnight I went from the Standard American Diet to whole foods for about a month and then I shifted to raw completely. And the way that I felt is what sold me on it. I felt amazing. So much energy. And what it was -- it gives me a really consistent sense of well-being, if that makes sense. I didn’t – I don’t have the up and down mood swings, generally, I’ m just really consistently content and joyful.

BARB: Have you also given up coffee and alcohol?

DAYNA: I do have coffee. I have a cup of coffee every morning. That’s why I’m not 100% raw, because I have my cup of coffee – my organic coffee with almond milk in the morning. Yes, alcohol I do not drink. Yeah, I might partake on occasion, I might have a glass of wine or something when I’m out there with you or something, but it’s not something regularly that we have. I don’t like to totally restrict myself on everything. Like on Mother’s Day, we went out to a big buffet and I really enjoyed everything. And one thing I say to Joe is I choose experience over any kind of dogma or any kind of strict dietary stance. My default setting is raw foods, but if I have an opportunity to experience something true -- like a culture’s food -- I’m not going to pass it down because it’s not raw.

BARB: So if I come out to see you again, we can still go to that Indian restaurant?

DAYNA: Oh, yeah, you know it. We’ll be there.

BARB: (Laughter.) But for the most part you’re eating as close to 100% raw as you can.

DAYNA: Yeah, and I totally do. But I don’t frustrate myself or drive myself crazy with it. Like on flights – I went to England recently, they had vegan options and I wasn’t frustrated or upset and saying to myself, “I can’t eat this.” I eat what’s closest to nature. But then I love to experience food in the same way I might watch a really crazy movie, like a horror movie or something. That’s a really weird comparison, but my point is I’m not dogmatic about it. I just like to share how it’s changed my life and I’ll probably come out there and have a great time and maybe I’ll go out for some pork ribs, I don’t know, just to experience Texas.

BARB: (Laughter.)

DAYNA: I might have to because it’s Texas. Like when I go to Australia, I’m not going to pass up the chance to experience a culture’s food. But, do you know what I’m saying? And there are people that are really dogmatic about it and – you know, when I first kind of stepped into it, I thought that’s how I had to be and it was really frustrating. Now that I’ve let go and given myself permission to eat whatever I want and give myself that mental freedom, I do stick to more raw foods almost 100% of the time, aside from my cup of coffee. And I love it. It has become easier and easier, and it just seems really natural for me now.

09.12.12 - states she has visited Australia twice since going raw and says she’s been raw for 14 months (

01.27.13 - creates YouTube video stating she was a raw foodist for a year (http://


Statement from Laurie Couture:

“I don't care what she chooses to eat, either, but I found it confusing since 2011 that Dayna's food choices seem contradictory to her statements. I know many people cheat on diets all the time and that in itself is not indicative of someone's character. However, as part of a pattern of dishonesty and contradictory statements, as well as running a raw vegan business, it is concerning.

At Life Rocks 2011, Dayna was eating mainstream and telling us, who eat Paleo, that we can eat whatever we want as long as we have good intentions, that sickness and weight gain are matters of Law of Attraction. I told her that was untrue, that if I were to cheat on my diet, I would end up in the hospital whether I use LOA or not. She also had a friend speak that year who claimed the same, that it was about one's "intention" when eating that caused food to have toxic effects or cause weight gain.

I was surprised when Dayna went raw vegan- so drastic- sometime after LR 2011.

Once Brycen, Dayna and I all met up at a half way point for Brycen to visit her oldest son in the winter (early 2012). By this point, Dayna was on the raw vegan diet. We all stopped to get a bite to eat at a small mom and pop style restaurant. Dayna did not eat raw vegan at all and I was surprised. She said it was because they had no raw vegan food. Brycen and I eat Paleo for medical and health reasons, so we told her that we know there are usually ways to get food within one's diet if you just talk with the cook- that at least she could get a salad or some vegetables.

While Brycen and I were able to eat within our diet, Dayna ate meat and mainstream bread- I think a turkey sandwich. I was surprised. She said that its important not to be rigid with the diet and when she cheats on the diet she puts out good intentions. But soon after, as we were leaving, she said she didn't feel well after eating the meal.

She also posted on FB about a time she ate ribs at a restaurant with some other people and she posted photos of eating ribs while she was on the raw vegan diet.”

Statement from Jennifer Green:

“When preparing for Dayna's arrival in April (2013), I asked her what she would like me to have around for her to eat. She said anything, I said it was not a problem to buy whatever raw stuff she wanted and I could not get her to name anything she likes. The first evening here (Wed) she ate fried foods. I also had told the unnanny family that Dayna is raw, so when we were there the first day (Thurs), Pattie laid out raw food. Dayna looked at it and said "I need something real to eat, like crackers and dip or a sandwich". We were all stunned. I thought she had a hangover, so I let it go. That evening she wanted BBQ, so she ordered ribs. Next day (Fri) she ate fried foods during the day and Ribs again that evening. Saturday she had fried shrimp for lunch and BBQ, chips, dips for dinner. I do not say all of this to simply list what she eats. The issue here is that NO ONE who eats high raw (90%) can eat like this for 5 days and not get horribly sick. It would literally put someone in the hospital to be raw and change their diet that quickly. She is not raw by any means.”

Weight Loss Claim notes:

(Name Withheld) noted:
On October 4. 2011 Dayna posted that she had been raw vegan for only a little over a month.

How ever, on December 29, 2011 she posted that she has lost 50 lbs since going raw SIX months ago. How can this be if she only went raw "a little over a month ago" as of October 4, 2011?

However, what Dayna actually said in the second post was that she enjoyed those foods over the last six months, not that she went totally raw six months ago.

A different person source sent this note to Jennifer Green and requested anonymity:
I wanted to add to the timeline that she then said she had gained 35 back because she was no longer eating only raw because she was tired of feeling fragile and weak."

I remember this because it pissed me off because I am a vegan and far from fragile and weak. This was while they were in florida the last time for that long mysterious vacation and she and Devon flew to LA for that TV interview. I understand now that she had to come clean about not really losing all the weight because she was going to be on TV and be seen.

Plagiarism concerning raw foods

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