2006 posted on a local/regional discussion, in response to someone having left a link to something on SandraDodd.com, "Some of us have gone beyond John Holt and Sandra Dodd."

When someone from that discussion forwarded me the e-mail and asked if I knew who "Dayna Martin" was, I didn't. Dayna wrote a smarmy, apologetic e-mail to the discussion, and something hateful to the person who had written to me. [Years later when I quoted from that e-mail, Joe accused me of being a stalker, writing (find the quote about what kind of person would save e-mail)...]

Ren writes: " I have her own words showing that she went from newbie questions in Feb. 2006 To billing herself as a leader and "sought after speaker" by early 2007.
2007, there was a plan to get me to Maine to speak, because I was going to be in Minnesota and the extra distance wouldn't be much. Dayna wrote to me pretending to have been part of the committee to plan that, and claiming to have lost the e-mail of the organizer. Instead of giving Dayna that e-mail, I forwarded the request. The e-mail address Dayna had used was one she had used to join the Maine list pretending to be someone else.

I didn't tell her I knew that; it was minor, and I always thought she would finish her trouble and go away.

She asked me to come and stay at her house, that she was having people camping in June, but she would reschedule it for fall. I said no, it would be too cold, and reschedule something would be a bad idea. She offered to pay all of my way and Holly's if we would stay at her house. I was not planning to do that, and the Maine plan fell through anyway.

[date] Dayna wrote to several of us asking how we had become conference speakers. Some wrote and said; she immediately started billing herself as "a sought after speaker," a line I later noticed in the John Holt bio at Wikipedia.

[date] Live and Learn, she told people she was planning to become a famous speaker.

March 2008: Unschooling America site goes live
includes "Dayna is a sought-after public speaker and advocate for Natural Birth, Peaceful Parenting & Radical Unschooling" Claims conference speaking AP and LLL back to 2001, but according to someone who finally let her speak at a LLL (which Dayna failed, ultimately to do), she had NOT been allowed to speak at LLL conferences, though she had tried.


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April 11-15, 2011 Life Rocks Conference, water park in North Conway NH

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