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For centuries, mankind has left for history the stories of birth. From drawings on cave or pyramid walls, to sculptures to photographs, we have a historical account of how women have given birth through the centuries. When studying this art, one finds many differences in the styles over the years. In any other area, this might be considered normal. But birth continues to happen the same way it did in ancient times. It continues to be women's work.
Which page? Both.

Birth Art (Dayna's page in 2003)

(there is more)
Birth Art (, site created in 1999)

(there is more, with credits and links to buy; otherwise, Dayna's source material)

( is still a current website, celebrating its thirteenth year, when I brought these photos. In case the site disappears, though, here is an early WayBack Machine version: Birth Art)

On this one, Dayna even lifted their html formatting, but she did bring each image into her own site, rather than linking to the images on Birthsource directly. This suggests she knew that had she used the html straight up, they might have noticed traffic from her site to their images, and she would have been caught. Or else she didn't know how to add the rest of the URL to the image to get it to work. Either way, it was not her work, not her writing, not her finding of photos, not even her formatting.

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