What to do when someone else steals your content, an article, with links and details, by Lorelle VanFossen

Birth Art, 2003

Plagiarism in the book Sexy Birth

Articles on birthing

Text of group description from Dragontree Learners in southern California

Babywearing article, 2005

Raw Foods article

Art from Life is Good conference

Fairy Godmother game from Life is Good conference site (exact words, and idea)

This set was sent to me August 15, 2013. I have found Dayna's exact quote credited to an actress, perhaps from an interview, and it would have been before 2000, which is when the actress died.

When in doubt, do the kindest thing possible. - Jean Peters *

Someone could, in a postcard to oneself, write a quote. Someone can not ethically, in art one hopes to send out further, credit oneself.

Dayna's facebook page, posted September 6, 2012

On Vibrant Nation's "Postcards to our Younger Selves," January 2, 2012

These two are lifted from and link to The Living Free Project, by Laurette Lynn and Desiree Alonso. The connections came up during fact-finding in a facebook group in August 2013. The captions are theirs. The screen shots came from participants on the Clearinghouse group.

The quote above is also at the bottom of this next page (which has another issue):
The list on Dayna's page was lifted from:

Years ago Jon Kream spoke at a Live & Learn conference in North Carolina. In his speech he recounted that Rowan, his daughter, had said that school is like a paint by numbers and unschooling is like a blank canvas. Then he set up a blank canvas, brushes, and paints outside the conference building and asked anyone who was interested to add to the painting. He gave the same talk at a later conference in Peabody, MA. [Dayna attended both of those conferences.]

The following quote comes from

"A traditional education is like handing a child a paint by numbers project, while standing over their shoulder commenting on their work. It feels safe, and you think you know how it will turn out. An Unschooling life is like handing a child a blank canvas while you both create together with the sound of beautiful music in the background."

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