Cruise, 2009

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Woohoo Mik! Let's get this party started!!

Now that the Cruise is only 4 months away, I think it is time to start some nice chatter about what to expect..

What are you all looking forward to the most?

I can't wait for the FOOD!! and the community and snorkeling...

We have about 100 people signed up for this amazing Unschooling Adventure... The countdown is now on!! What are you most excited about???

Should we have a talent show, or just enjoy the amazing entertainment on-board??

This is going to make Unschooling history because it is such a luxurious vacation conference.. I am so excited as it gets closer!

So, who is coming??!!

I can't wait to get to know everyone before the cruise!!

Are there people on this list who want to come but haven't signed up yet??

~Peace & Love, Dayna

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