Art Theft
Mary Gold wrote, July 2013:
I'm sending you this in case you want a nice graphic for your page. :-p On Jan 31, 2011 I created this ad button for [an online] magazine to use to promote LIFE is Good on their website.

On Feb 4 it went live.
On Feb 8 I received the following email from the publisher

"Are you and Dayna Martin cooperating on your unschooling conferences by any chance?

She recently asked us to be a media sponsor for her Life Rocks Unschooling Conference. And the ad she has sent (attached) is extremely close to yours in design. If you two are working together, that’s great; if not, we won’t be running her ad in this form. Thought I’d check with you before [co-worker] got back to her!"

My ad:

Dayna's ad:

Obvious enough?


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