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In Just Be It! , in the now-defunct online magazine Connections (an article listed on Wikipedia as one of Dayna's published pieces), Dayna credited Ren Allen with encouraging her to just be what she wanted to be. Ren's point had been more "Decide to become what you want to be."

Ren wrote, of that article, in August 2013:

I may have inadvertently inspired Dayna to act in a fraudulent manner. This is a very good example of someone twisting my words to an extreme. Just because a person "decides" to do/be/learn something, you don't shortcut the process of practice, education, experience etc... Holy cow!! This is so sad.

Especially using the example of being a "Mehndi artist". Oh no, no, no!!! You don't LIE to someone and THEN learn how to do it. You explain that you are NEW to the art and would be happy to work with them if they are ok with you practicing on them!! Sheesh.

But because Ren brought the article to the Clearinghouse discussions, several people noticed suspicious elements. Within two days, sources for art and text had been identified.

Krystal Trammel wrote:

mmm. that is interesting. that's basically how i became a henna artist, except, i played around with henna for nearly 15 years before i started calling myself a henna artist. transparency, authenticity, and truthfulness make all the difference.

Also, i dunno if the two images on the page were just random, or if they were supposed to be samples of her work - so this might not be relevant - but i can just about promise that the images are not her own art...

...and I was right. The belly pic is of Jessica McQueen's art, cropped to remove her copyright. She's one of my very favorite henna artists which is why I recognized it. I fully admit my style is very similar to hers and I've even used her patterns for inspiration. However, what's on Dayna's page above is the exact same photo shown here—sixth down on this page: http://www.hennacaravan.com/pregnancy.html
(the Wayback Machine image before Dayna's article deadling, for backup: pregnancy) http://www.universalspirityoga.com/blessingway.html has some of her source material, too closely copied:

Confirmed as the original writing of Stacey Vann.Research and image by Pamela Corkey

Much is taken from this article, too. Below this is a link to Dayna's page on blessingways.

Research by Robyn Coburn; image by Joyce Fetteroll.

Dayna's site, a 2003 internet archive version:http://web.archive.org/web/20030712014455/http://gentlebeginnings.org/blessingway.htm
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