Willow Toys False claims, and problems

Someone whose name is withheld wrote:

"In one of Dayna Martin's youtube videos (I don't remember which one) she mentioned that Willow Toys is the second best selling Toy store in the USA. I totally believed it for years until I watched Wife Swap. Dayna Martin's home is falling apart so there is no way that Willow Toys is a multi-million dollar company. I searched online but I cannot find the video."

On the Clearinghouse page, someone responded:
I don't have a copy of the video but this is from a post from someone on the radicalunschooling Yahoo group 1/5/2009:
"I found a link to this on the Disney message board! It's basically stating that after February we won't be able to give away, resale, or sell any products that are intended for the use of children 12 and under without having it tested for lead first.

Dayna's reply 1/6/2009
".......We are the "number one" business in the type of toys that we make in the country right now. (and Joe and I handle it all ourselves, with one or two guys helping out in November and December. .........we consider our toys, "furniture" so we may just get through a loop hole. That's what I'm manifesting. :)"

There is a report of the promise of a toy kitchen for a LLL raffle, that was not delivered.

There was a mention that there had been trouble with negative reports on the business.

In 2013, Joe was listing himself as the former owner.

Someone noted that there had been a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. There were two complaints about delivery issues, but time has passed and they are "closed" now (resolved with the help of BBB, it seems). Perhaps BBB is not, as Amazon is, a place where people can send their friends to post glowing reviews on request. If any such reviews go there after September 28, 2013, I will assume they're because of this. http://www.bbb.org/concord/business-reviews/toys-retail/willow-toys-in-madison-nh-92010668
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