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Andrea Downs Quenneville: Blowing the air-horn in the face of Cindy Avery-Lamb seemed pretty threatening to me. On Wife Swap.
July 29 at 9:20pm

[Name withheld:] "May 19th, 2013, on the Whole Life Unschool group . Everyone joined in and it was really disturbing to watch. After about 10 minutes of attacking Laurie, he deleted the post and thread."

Dayna threatening, while denying wanting fame or money:

Dayna, August 13, 2009, following a discussion of law of attraction at Family RUNning, to one individual. She uses my name to defend herself (or as a parallel), and uses her children to shame and intimidate. She tries using femaleness as a lever to shame the target, too. This was sent to me on August 13, 2009 by the recipient, with notes refuting the details of the removal from the list, but that's minor.

[Name], I banned you from the list 2 years ago because you did this same thing to me back then. We were both hurt. I think letting you join again and my emailed to you should have been a new beginning. To use me banning you two years ago as the reason and excuse for treating me this way isn't very kind. I never did anything to you but respect and support you and I volunteered my time on the phone with you several times.

By you saying what you did on the RUN network and mentioning my name was slander. To say that I am doing this for fame and money is just about the worst thing that anyone in the Unschooling community has ever said to me [name]. It makes no sense. Sandra too makes money from Unschooling advocacy. She's written a book, speaks at conferences, sells those sticks on her site, has conferences etc... I'm sorry if you are jealous. It isn't my fault. It's about you, not me and to do this to another woman is so hurtful. How would you feel if someone did this to your daughter if she became known and successful?

The right thing to do would be to say the things you said to me from your heart on that thread and be honest.

For you to say my goal if money and fame is so cruel. You know this isn't true. I have been an advocate for children's rights in some shape or form for a decade. I volunteer my time to help others on their path. No one gets into advocacy for the money or fame. No one that I have ever met anyway.

If RU with LoA isn't your thing, fine. It doesn't matter to me. I am doing what I truly believe in in my life. I am proud of all that I do and so is my family. If you are talking bad about me, you are dissing them too. My kids are hurt by this too.

This is beyond just badmouthing.. This is slander.
The definition of slander is:

words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another defame: charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone aspersion: an abusive attack on a person's character or good name

Do you understand how serious this is [name]? It's a really big deal..

If you really didn't mean to hurt me, please make things right and go back on that thread and take back what you said, if you didn't mean it. Be honest. If you truly believe I am in this for fame and money, well, I guess we have nothing left to say to one another.

I just thought you were better than doing that to another woman.



More on the Laurie Couture incident

Danielle Miller 3:35pm Sep 9
I was in the RU group for a while. It was great at first, but Joe is the worst moderator ever. I had some things deleted for being "off topic." I learnt pretty quickly that if I cared to stay in the group, I needed to placate Joe. I'm only even mentioning anything here because someone said the "cult" word above. It really was like a cult. If you disagreed at all you were instructed to read the articles and watch the videos so that you could learn the error of your ways. And the part that bothered me was how women were being instructed to break all ties with their family members that disagreed. Many things bothered me there. But with the cult aspect, it was a little scary. Ultimately I left because for them to credit themselves as free thinkers and accepting of everyone's differences and learning path, it sure was the most censorship I have ever encountered in any group ever. And it really bothered me seeing women being told how to trick their husbands into accepting RU. To tell him you're doing something different, and he isn't there all day, so still do whatever you want. All of it pretty much turned me off to unschooling. I also tend to steer clear of them in group events. Because so much of it seemed to be "screw your kid, so long as my kid gets to follow her bliss." There was zero respect for others.

This page* has been therapy for me. Helping me realize that they aren't experts so I need to unlearn the crap they taught.

* Clearinghouse, temporary page

August 4, 2013, facebook:

My response, on the Clearinghouse discussion:

Joe wrote elsewhere (and I'm blocked, so he's only pretending to address me directly, in case anyone there thinks he's actually addressing people he has blocked):

"Federal Wire Fraud charges" really Sandra Dodd? I pay my income tax thanks have been for 25 years so fuck off. YOU ARE OUT OF LINE. R U that messed up in your head that you really think what you and MARY GOLD are doing is ok? Maybe I will start my own group looking for all the links and negative feedback you have out there.
PS: Your credibility is total shit at this point.

-=-"Federal Wire Fraud charges" really Sandra Dodd?-=-

That was not my writing. I was posting for someone who was afraid to ask questions using her real name because of fear of insults and threats, I guess.
-=- I pay my income tax thanks have been for 25 years-=-
Nobody said anything about income tax.
-=- so fuck off. YOU ARE OUT OF LINE.-=-
"Fuck off" from where? I'm not on your page. I'm not at your house. You are not the arbiter of what is in or out of line.
-=-R U that messed up in your head that you really think what you and MARY GOLD are doing is ok?-=-
Here is what Mary Gold did: She wrote to those 30 or so people who had requested to be in on this discussion to see whether they had real reason to be here, so that we could sort people who just wanted to get notifications from those with information. Yes, I think that was courteous of her to have done.

This is part of the reason I have asked people not to use "RU" as an abbreviation for "Radical Unschooling":

"R U that messed up in your head" wasn't referring to radical unschooling at all, was it?

I am not "messed up in my head." I'm coordinating questions and answers about unschooling-related activities people are concerned about.

-=- Maybe I will start my own group looking for all the links and negative feedback you have out there.-=-
You can find negative feedback here, lower right, links to pages: /feedback

Some of it is as rude as you are, Joe!

-=-PS: Your credibility is total shit at this point.-=-
Credibility is complicated. People will trust others who have been honest. When someone isn't known for being calm or rational, their opinions are less valuable than others'.

August 5, 2013: I was blocked today from the conference page and this was posted immediately before I was blocked so I couldn't respond, so I suppose that is most certainly his method -

Jennifer Davis Green
August 6, 2013

My guess is that Joe is meaning this post as a threat to us, Sandra. He continues to claim that we are lying, even when proof is fully evident by anyone who looks...... It is also funny that he would see himself as that important to society. No one cares about them. They are not famous. Dayna isn't even good at being a sociopath. They just have some fans that believe them no matter what, but a court of law would have zero problem deciding who is actually defruading the public and it isn't you or me.

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