Bios for some of those who have written for ThinkWell

Some of these will be links to outside bios, and some will have quotes from posts, or from old TW issues. I'll try to put dates on things so that readers can figure out what was current when. Within old issues of ThinkWell there are bios that appeared then, too, and I'll keep working to link those in here. Some can be found with this:

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AEdward of Glastonburh , Meridies
Knight, Pelican, Founding Baron Bryn Madoc , former Seneschal of Meridies

AElflaed of Duckford, Outlands
Owner and operator of ThinkWell; Pelican, Laurel

Agnes de Lanvellei
Laurel, Pelican, long of Calontir, now in the northern Outlands

Artan macAilin, Outlands
Six times King of the Outlands, Knight, Pelican

Aziza al Kashani, Outlands
Four times Queen of the Outlands, Pelican

Balthazar Tegero (Juan Balthazar Tegero), Outlands

Rob Himmelsbach, known in the SCA as Master Geoffrey d’Ayr of Montalban, aka Bishop Geoffrey, aka “Bish” (one of the main writers of the original ThinkWell)

Brighid Anraith, An Tir

Cariadoc of the Bow (several kingdoms)

Cathyn Fitzgerald, Middle soon

Charles Blackstone, Outlands
Companion of the White Scarf, Blue Iris Herald (for Queen Aziza), Lavan Longwalker's squire

Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld, Middle

Gunwaldt Gulbjorn, Outlands
First Prince of the Outlands, first King of the Outlands, Master of Arms, Pelican

Justin du Coeur, East

Kathalyn Nimet, Calontir

Kirk FitzDavid, Calontir

Lavan Longwalker , Outlands

Malinda Elkhaven , former Malinda von Hohen Staffen, Atenveldt

Melisande de Belvoir , Atlantia
Laurel, Pelican, former kingdom seneschal, cook

Tivar Moondragon , Ansteorra
First White Scarf of Ansteorra (and first in the Society), Pelican

Tule of Tehri , Outlands

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