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January 2007, on TW discussion list:

I'm Justin du Coeur, a PeLaurel from the East, member of House Silverwing (self-appointed court philosophers of the East since time immemorial), and general interkingdom anthropologist. I've worked with AElflaed a bit in the past, as one of the people who set up the Grand Council, and served as its founding Secretary in the early years. I was a subscriber and occasional contributor to the original ThinkWell, lo these many years ago, and somewhat modeled the original Grand Council communication policies on it.

I'm a bit idiosyncratic in my views: I like the SCA to work *well*, and tend to get extremely frustrated by our tendency towards ever-more formal structure, which I usually find a hindrance to folks having fun. That dislike of excess structure informs much of my writing.

Bio in ThinkWell #5, September 1991
JUSTIN DU COEUR EAST I'm a fairly hardcore philosopher by nature, and have been esquired to Master Steffan ap Cennydd of Silverwing, aptly-titled "Firebrand Herald Extraordinary," for a couple of years now, so I tend to debate on any and all subjects. If my rambles get too long, feel free to edit them down. I'm best known as a longtime loudmouth on the Rialto, and as the Editor of the Letter of Dance, an SCA-wide dance newsletter. Also, I'm the deputy East Kingdom Historian, which means that I have easy access to vast files of important information that never get read. And I do lots of other activities whenever they seem convenient, like running events and demos and what-have-you.

I am an armiger, for some years now, but I generally don't bother with the title it doesn't suit my persona, and I'm simply not in the habit of using it.

Oh, and I'm from the Barony of Carolingia in the East, and any odd or warped views are strictly because of that…

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