Agnes de Lanvellei

Kirk FitzDavid wrote this as the online TW started up. He meant "look to invite or meet" not "look out for" as one looks out for cougars or meteorites, I'm sure. (What? The rest of you don't look out for cougars? Pumas?)
One person you may wish to look out for is Mistress Agnes de Lanvellei, who recently retired as a professor at the University of Nebraska. She has since moved to Boulder, so you may eventually run into her at an event. She is quite nice and is very dedicated to excellence in all efforts she undertakes. She's both a Laurel and a Pelican, and was baroness of Mag Mor (Lincoln NE) for a few years. ...[T]he Outlands is gaining a real asset.

Mistress Agnes has a page: Herbal, Angevin &c. Agnes deLanvallei, and some writings on A&S projects here.

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