Aziza al Kashani

(In ThinkWell #6...)
Aziza al Kashani wrote: "I am from a town called Kashan in the middle of Persia around the 15th Century. I like to dance and fight which is a hard combination to put together into a persona. I am also in love with a Scottish Duke which is also hard to explain so I usually don't. I am a Defender of the Stag's Blood (Outlands kingdom fighting award) which I am still shocked and thrilled to have. I am also a countess and have held several offices in my home shire (Drygestan/Santa Fe) a long time ago." (Aziza is living in the West temporarily.)

In 2007, Aziza was Queen of the Outlands for the fourth time.

Aziza, standing between Artan and Jacob, their younger son, in October 2006.

Aziza has been a Mistress of the Pelican for a few years and has several other awards, listed here.

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