Brighid Anraith

I am Brighid Anraith, currently of the far northern reaches of An Tir (Shire of Vinjar in the Principality of Avacal), formerly of the barony of Lions Gate in Tir Righ, An Tir; formerly of Ealdormere.

I'm not a peer, merely a lowly apprentice to Mistress Seiglyda of Elphinstone, but one vastly interested in the sorts of things this list is for.

Mundanely, I'm a textile artist which isn't terribly relevant here, (but I might use it in an analogy at times, so I'm mentioning it anyway), with a background in anthropology (5 years university, sadly no degree).

I found this list when someone posted a link to the "Ælflæd's Welcome and commentary on ThinkWell" page to the An Tir list, and got hooked on reading old articles from the original Thinkwell from which I have already shamelessly stolen (with credit) bits from the Humility and Fomality series for a "Farewell, cruel SCA" discussion on a local list. I hope you don't mind, Mistress Ælflæd?

I'm not shy about voicing my opinion online, where I can actually think about what I'm going to say and get it right, instead of blithely babbling things that SOUND right in my head, but don't come out that way, so, if you permit, I'm going to jump right into discussions (though not tonight, I should be in bed already).

I also abuse parentheses mercilessly, run sentences on beyond the point of reason or charity when tired (sadly nighttime is when I do my best thinking) and am something of a comma-queen, for which I apologise profusely in advance(I'm working on the commas, the parentheses will have to sort themselves out, or wait their turn).

Brighid Anraith
redmagpie (at) hotmail (dot) com

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