Gunwaldt Gulbjorn

once known as Gunwaldt der Ostermachen
(Keith Dodd)

For a love letter contest at a Love Revel in al-Barran in 1980 or so, I wrote and calligraphed a poem. I might have an image of it made someday, but the text was:


Like warmth of sun on rocky wall
         When summer's still was here,
As fire makes safe the darkened hall
         And melts all chill of fear,
Your nearness doth my soul enthrall—
         I long to hold you near.

Like morn's first rays o'er vine-clad sills
         As nighttime goes below,
As candle's gaze the darkness fills
         When winter storms may blow,
The gaze of your blue eyes instills
         A bright and lasting glow.

When birds flit down around my bower
         And merry songs all sing,
When dew and breeze make quick each flower
         Which glorious spring did bring,
My heart recalls your gentle power;
         To memories fond I cling.

Your love gives heat to warm my night
         And light to make bright day;
The joy you give is yours by right—
         I give it back straightway.
From deep inside, with all my might,
         I hope you'll always stay.


(It won, and Gunwaldt stayed too; probably unrelated. As I put the text on this page, we've been together for 31 years, and married 25 of those.)

There's a photo of Gunwaldt when he had just stepped down from being first Prince, with Aislinn Tara O'Neill who was the first princess of the Outlands here. (Photo by Mirhaxa av Morktorn)

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Asta and Gunwaldt, Love Revel, 1992

Asta and Gunwaldt, Crown Tournament (I think), April 1992

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