Juan Balthazar Tegero

I'm Juan Balthazar Tegero. I have lived in the Barony of al-Barran in the Outlands for my entire SCA life (14 years). I have been a Pelican since November 2000. Before that, for a couple of years, I was the student of Mistress AElflaed. ... Like Mistress Elspeth, I was introduced to ThinkWell after it was not being done in that form any longer, and very much enjoyed it.

Oh, and I'm a lawyer mundanely, which often impacts my writing, but I promise I'll try not to be too lawyerly here. :)

I can not express how glad I am to see this list happen, and to have some familiar faces here. I hope to see more soon.

Image by Lady Ceara McCain, February 2007
after Balthazar was made a Court Baron, at Estrella War,
by King Artan VI

written on the ThinkWell list in late 2006

One day in 1999...
I'm Balthazar. I am one of Mistress AElflaed's students. I have been in the SCA for nearly seven years (not very long compared to many of you), all of that in al-Barran/Outlands.

I came into the SCA through Rolling Thunder. When the local group split, I left and helped form another household. After realizing that my household and I had different ideas about what we wanted out of the SCA, I stopped playing with them. I officially left the household shortly before becoming Mistress AElflaed's apprentice.

I've held a few offices over the years, and am currently (for two more months) the seneschal for the College of Blaiddwyn (the UNM group inside al-Barran), the Gimlet Herald for the Outlands (ceremonies and protocol herald), and am the Outlands representative to the Grand Council. I have two service awards (baronial and GoA level) and a couple of other, highly neat awards. Most of that isn't important for what we're discussing here, but I suppose it helps to know where I'm coming from, and what kind of things might color my opinions.

I don't know what else to say. Oh, mundanely I'm a third-year law student. That's why I'm only going to be seneschal for two more months - I'm graduating.


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