Lavan Longwalker

From ThinkWell #6:
I am Sir Lavan Longwalker (remember LAVA soap and you'll remember my name). I have been playing since the summer of 1983. Grand Outlandish was my first event. I was a squire for a bit over two and a half years and was knighted at Estrella War in 1986. In 1988 I became indentured to "good" King George (called the Bush-whacker). I spent a few wonderful years in the West (on a far-away island without SCA, oh how sad the days were) and a grand eight months in Atlantia where I made many fine friendships I hope will last long into my lifetime. I have since finished my service and returned to the Outlands and here will I stay in my beloved homeland!

I love tourneys and melees and believe in grand times above grand victories. I pride myself on my ability to die well (probably since it happens quite often). I make my own clothes these days, and I believe I make a fine shoe. I am not set in any one style or century when it comes to clothing (though I claim 14th Century England for my persona). Some call me a "clothes-horse" for the amount of clothes I bring to events, but I believe the ladies would rather see different clothes on a person than the same smoky, sweaty ones worn all weekend!

Lavan was Gunwaldt's squire, and Charles is Lavan's squire.

Awards, from Outlands Herald's site

Lavan Longwalker bears the arms Quarterly argent and papellonny sable and argent, a cross gules, in dexter chief a leather boot proper, registered February 1984.

Lavan has lived in Atenveldt (Outlands), where he was the last Outlander knighted by an Aten King, and in the Midrealm (Northshield). He was in Atlantia temporarily, for a while, and was stationed in The Phillipines in his youth.

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