Recipes, Links and Ideas

Sweet, in a pan

Bread Pudding, with chocolate chips, or not

Breakfast Bread Pudding (savory, not sweet)

Peach Cobbler (peach or cherry or berries)

Small, individual sweets

Pecan/marzipan/baharat things (unnamed)
There's a recipe for marzipan there, but you can use store-bought.

Bizcochitos (New Mexico Christmas cookies, with lard and brandy, so don't even make them if lard or brandy seem bad to you)

Lemon Cookies (roll and cut, or cookie-press)

Deb Rossing's Peanut Butter Cookies with bananas!

Camping or Party Food

Destiny's peanut butter pancakes
Banana pancakes
Apple pancakes

Pickled Eggs, with beets, a recipe I got from Fran McPherson in the 1980s

Sausage&Cheese Balls, Sausage Cookies, Cheese Savories

Meals / Meat

Chicken and Dumplings with Green Chile (or not)

Chicken and Walnuts in Pita

Labor-intensive, but WAY good.
Start the alfalfa sprouts five or six days before, if you don't have a place to purchase them.

Kate's Easy Meat Pies (Katherine Holford / Marie Heuser)

Side Dish

From the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cookbook (from a thrift store):

Not on my site, but I don't want to keep trying to find them again:

Instant Pot Scalloped Potatoes
I first made those in 2017 and shared on facebook with a photo.

Protein Ideas for Picky Eaters (vegetarian, by Deb Lewis)

The Full Plate Club—Doesn't "full plate" seem much better than "empty plate"? Give your children the gift of plenty. (Often just a little bit is "plenty.")