Breakfast Bread Pudding

good for camping

I posted the notes on Facebook once, in 2010, but the link had stopped working, long ago, so I brought an image here.

Dry-ish bread is better (to soak up milk) than fresh bread. Old bread is fine, but not cheapie boring-tasting bread. I get rye from the day-old bread store.

Don't worry about buttering the bread. The cheese will be oily enough for all of it. I spray the pans with non-stick spray.

I usually put another layer of bread on top of the cheese and ham. It might end up being dry after all (on top) but it will keep the cheese from crusting (that will vary, depending on the depth of the pan and various factors, and some people like cheese cooked brown anyway).

If you make it deep, like in a casserole, it will take longer to cook. This batch I made in small loaf pans. None of that is crucial.

It says "serve immediately," but it's good cold, too. Keith and Marty are going to be eating it thawed out from frozen.

I wish I were patient enough to refrigerate it overnight (or organized enough to plan it in advance)!

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