Chicken and Dumplings with Green Chile (or not)

Onion, chopped
Garlic, chopped

Chicken (I use frozen chicken tenders from Costco)

grate a carrot, and maybe a small potato
celery if you like it (I rarely use it)

chicken broth
some pepper
more cumin
even more salt
green chile ("one can"—I use the little frozen packets from Costco, but about that much)

canned biscuits (I like the flaky dinner rolls for this)

I use a pot and a skillet.

In the pot (on the stove, or Instant Pot on "saute"):
Cook the onions in butter or corn oil or whatever you like. Add the garlic at the end.

Turn off the heat.

Add the broth, to keep the garlic from browning itself away.
Add spices and green chile (less if kids are over, double it if people love green chile)
Add grated carrot, and whatever other vegetables you want. Corn or peas can go in there.
If you like thicker "background," the grated potato will do that.

Thaw the chicken tenders and cut each into three or four pieces, brown those in the skillet so it's not cooked through. Add that, and the juices or oil/butter, if any, to the bigger pot.

Add enough water to cover up the chicken and then another two or three inches so there's room for dumplings later.

If stovetop, boil on low for half an hour.

If Instant Pot, manual setting for five minutes. Release any old way, depending if you're in a hurry or not.

Cut raw biscuits into four pieces. With the broth boiling, or nearly, drop them in one at a time so they don't stick together, and let that cook ten minutes or so (one minute, manual, for Instant Pot), until a dumpling is done through. (You can cut and peek without tasting, maybe.)

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