Parenting Issues for Unschoolers

"Unschooling has had an incredibly positive impact on our lives, and not only in an educational aspect, but in everything we do. It's changed the way we live, the way we think, and the way we look at the world in general."

"I think it's been the changes in my parenting that have really made our unschooling lifestyle so positive."


The Full Plate Club
What does hunger have to do with eating?

Television and Video as Everyday Resources

Video Games

A Radical Idea: What happens if a family does NOT require "chores"?

Logic and Decision Making:
"If the reasons behind rules are nonsense, then people memorize nonsense
and use that as a foundation for decision making."

Parenting Peacefully

Typical Unschooling Days


Attitude: the difference a difference can make

Teenagers and Unschooling

Strewing their Paths

Changing Thoughts by Changing Words

Quick Help
for those new to unschooling

Sleep, Bedtimes, and Late Nights

Rules vs. Principles

Special Ideas about "Special Needs"

Becoming the Parent you Want to Be

Mindfulness in everyday parenting

Settling squabbles

Many Sibling Issues

Unschoolers Speak Out Against Spanking

Freedom & Choices
Empowerment & Respect

Online Safety

How to NOT Screw Up your Kids
a happy list by Lyle
"Is this really necessary?"
Where is the edge of unschooling?

Robyn Coburn on the value of giving children options

Being Attentive to Children Attachment Parenting

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