I'm new, I'm afraid, and I'm forgetting to breathe!!!

Gradual Change

Gradual Change is important.

Best Unschooling Intros

Joyfully Rejoycing, Joyce Fetteroll
Well organized, attractive website

Living Joyfully, Pam Laricchia
Current and cheery, nice newsletter

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Precisely How to Unschool

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Although this isn't named "unschooling" the articles posted are all unschooling-related. unchooling.blogspot.com

"Read a little, try a little, wait a while, watch." *

"My kids might never know how much they owe their fabulous childhood to [the unschooling discussions], and that's the way it should be, but *I'll* be forever grateful!"
[Patti Schmidt, 5/05/03, of a site that is gone, but quotes live throughout this site]

Help is here!

There's even help for remembering to breathe.

Free, fun INTRO TO UNSCHOOLING by Pam Laricchia

DAILY: Just Add Light and Stir
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This site, SandraDodd.com, is my own greatest contribution to the unschooling-help arena, but there are other places you can go.


"How to Be a Good Unschooler"
inspiration from Pam Sorooshian

Building an Unschooling Nest

Doing Unschooling Right (title from a series of videos organized by the "Do Life Right" site)

What Helps Make Unschooling Better? (edited transcription of an online chat)

Unschooling Very Well


Always Learning (by e-mail or website)
for committed unschoolers

Unschooling Discussion 2021, an open group on Facebook (you can read without joining)

Hearing Voices

Links to many sound files (some interviews, many conference presentations) and a few videos are here: SandraDodd.com/listen

Daily Lives

Typical Days is a collection of all that happened in one day in the lives of various unschooling families.