Too many people are using the word "struggle" too often and too easily, in 2017.


"He's blunt: 'I struggle with the idea that a cauliflower base with some cheese and tomato on top is called a pizza. It ain't a pizza.'"

That is not a struggle. He had a definite opinion.

2018—the struggle continues.
-=- and struggle keeping the balance...-=-
-=-We're feeling stagnant and struggling-=-

Too much struggling. Relax.

Struggling is a waste of energy.

I know the world "struggle" is as popular as "groovy" was in 1967, but it's not nearly as groovy.


IF every time you start to write or say "struggle" you stop and rephrase, then you can move toward rephrasing every time you *think* "struggle." And your struggles will be over as soon as you stop struggling.

June 2018, not about unschooling, from a closed group I'm in, me writing:
The word "struggling" is used too much lately. Everyone says they're struggling about everything.

Please consider re-phrasing. If you think of the situation in your own words, you will think of it, and see it, and respond to it more clearly.

And anytime people describe things as a battle, a struggle, a fight, they're categorizing the thing as though it's fighting back, and they're in danger.

A nice outside metaphor for this is Devil's Snare, invented by J. K. Rowling for Harry Potter's world. It will grab people, and if they struggle, it grabs harder. Relax and it will relax. Shine light on it and it will shrink away.

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