Peace for Unschoolers

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This is from an altered book by Marcia Simonds. The quote is from Big Noisy Peace, and says:

If you want to live peacefully, make the most peaceful choices.

Peace is all about choices.
Choose to breathe consciously.
Choose understanding over ignorance.
Choose to make choices.
Choose awareness over oblivion.
And make choices based on the principles you live by.

Peace delivered daily:

Just Add Light and Stir

Podcast with notes, from Amy Child's series "The Unschooling Life"


Sandra Dodd, Ren Allen, Richard Prystowsky (from a previous recording), Rippy Dusseldorp
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Understanding Anger

Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

When Siblings Fight

Being a Happy Mom

Learning to See Differently

Mothering During a Meltdown

Saying YES to Children

JOY: Rejecting a Pre-Packaged Life

The Value of Choices

Parenting Peacefully

How to Raise a Respected Child

What about toy guns?

Stirring Up Peace