My mom's maiden name was Hathcock. I always thought it was a great name.

Unfortunately, I was never great at remembering relatives' names and keeping track of them all. Here's a place to collect.

There's a family tree here, and there are some people collecting family history who aren't closely related to me, but who have contacted me over the years. Not all the contact information is still good.

Papaw, me and a fish, probably 1957, at our house a few hundred yards north of theirs.
My mom's parents were Allen Sylvester Hathcock and Annie Mae Houghton.

My Papaw was called "Vester" mostly. His parents were Richard Henry Hathcock and Rebecca Annie Johnston.

His dad's parents were William Hathcock and Neatie Ann Green.

My grandparents lived on Kaltenbrun Road on the outskirts of Forth Worth when I was little, and until my granny died, while I was in college. I'll bring handwriting samples here, of her cursive writing, but she did the family tree for me that's at the link above, though she printed that.

Papaw moved to live with Nada, and sometimes Doris, after that, and died in the 1970's or early 80's. Nada has the ashes.

My mom had two older brothers and an older sister—AJ, Junior and Doris. When she was young (10? 12?) their brother Richard died of scarlet fever. There had been another baby brother, Aubrey (Orbrie? sp?), who died the day he was born. I don't know his birth order. Then there were my mom (Mary Lou), and the two younger boys, Joe Paul and Billy Jack.

Uncle Johnny, also known as "AJ" within the family, died in 2000, and the obituary and other notes are here.

Uncle Junior (Allen Sylvester Hathcock, Jr.) died in 2016. Aunt Mona died just a few months later Their second daughter, Darla, posted on facebook and I've saved some of her words and images here.

Some of these don't have much info, but in time might fill in:
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