Allen Sylvester Hathcock, Jr.
Uncle Junior, the second of my mom's eight (seven lived to adulthood) siblings, was called Junior by lots of the younger relatives, and Vester by my Aut Mona. I don't know what my dad called him when they were friends, in their early 20's, but my future Uncle Junior is the one who introduced my parents to each other.

Aunt Mona was nicer to me when I was little than anyone else on all the Hathcock side. She was kind and really paid attention to me, and gave me thoughtful gifts.

Darla Hathcock Wilmot wrote on FaceBook on February 14, 2016 at 8:37pm
We've just found out that my wonderful Father passed away this evening! He came through the surgery, but his blood pressure dropped too low and he passed away! I will write more about him later! Please pray for my family, especially my Mother!
We laid my Father to rest yesterday morning [2/18/16]. Allen Hathcock (Dado), was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He was a WWII veteran who was grievously injured in Okinawa and spent 2 years in the Army hospital at "Camp" Bliss. For this he received the Purple Heart. He had many physical trevails throughout his life, but was always upbeat. Never dwelling on the "bad times", he always remembered the happy times of life. He was always telling stories that made you laugh and he had many jokes. He was married to the love of his life, my Mother Mona, for 67 years! They showed us all the true meaning of love, and how to have a wonderful marriage. Dad, we loved you so and will miss you! We WILL see you again when we all come Home to our Heavenly Father!

Mona, his widow, died May 23, 2016.

Darla Hathcock Wilmot wrote, May 28, 2016:

We laid my beautiful Mother to rest today. Ramona June Hathcock was born on Dec 11, 1930. She graduated from high school at age 16. She attended business school after this. She met my Dad, Allen on a blind date and married 6 months later on June 1st, 1948. She worked at The Camera Shop in downtown Ft. Worth for quite a few years, then as an administrative assistant in the Oil and Gas industry. When my sister, Margaret, was 13 years old, my Mom heard about a baby who was going to be given up. She called my Dad at work, and my Dad said that "I believe God wants us to take this baby", so they adopted me. They raised me and gave my sister and I both a wonderful upbringing. My Mom was ALWAYS very supportive of me in my career and Army life. (She wasn't happy at first, and was terrified for my Basic Training!). We always remained close. She was a very strong woman, and I hope some of her strength is in me.

She was married to my Dad, Allen, for 67 years. They were very social for many years with many friends! They LOVED to go to Shreveport and and play the slots, and were often quite lucky. They were very compassionate, always helping others. Their marriage was a shining example to all.

I played "It is Well With My Soul" for her funeral service today. (A piece she heard me play months ago and then requested I play it at her funeral). Mom, you were so loved by your whole family and so many friends. You will be missed. But we are all happy that "MuMu" is now with "Dado" on "The Far Side of Jordan". We will all be meeting you there someday to live with our Heavenly Father! I love you Mom!

Johnny Hathcock
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