Hathcock correspondence and notes

From: larry2344 [at] comcast [dot] net
Date: January 18, 2007 12:10:01 PM MST
To: [email protected]
Subject: Vester and Mae Hathcock
Dear Cousin,

I was surfing the internet looking for Hathcock information and the name "Allen Sylvester" caught my eye.

After looking at your family tree I realized that you and I share the same great-great grandfather, William Hathcock, of Saint Clair County, Alabama.

In 1954, not long after we moved to Michigan, Vester and Mae came to Oneonta, AL to visit my great grandfather(William Lewis Hathcock) and my grandfather (Nathan Hathcock). I talked to my Aunt Louise earlier today and she gave me some details of their visit. They visited with them for about three days.My aunt thought that one of the other people with them was named  Mary Lou. Could this have been your mother? 

My aunt, Louise Hathcock, and my mother, Clidie Hathcock, began a correspondence with Mae in the 1950's. Mae sent a graduation card when I graduated from high school in 1962.

In 1964 while I was in the US Navy stationed in Iceland I met Richard Hathcock who was in the Air Force. I mentioned that I had some relatives who lived in Texas but we couldn't seem to make a connection. I wrote to my mother about this and she wrote to Mae. Mae wrote back that Richard and I were related. I discovered all of this not long before he and his family left Iceland. P erhaps this is when I began my interest in doing family research.

I have the following information about Vester but nothing on Mae.

b. 24 Feb1897 in Shackleford, AL ( I can't find it as a place in Alabama)
d. 6 Jan 1982  Cremated in New Mexico

I would appreciate any information that you would be willing to share about Vester and Mae. I've made copies of the picture of you and your grandfather. I'm going to send a copy to my Aunt Louise since the picture was taken around the time he visited Alabama.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Larry Hathcock  

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