Collection of title art on Sandra

with credits and links

by Tammy in Australia (greenjellysnakes) in April, 2009. Her three-year-old helped.

by Sandra Dodd, 2002

by Jack and Lauren Stranahan, March 2009

by Trevor Kagey, when he was little (the capital letters, and the drawings on that page)

by Sandra Dodd, using

Some others with "cooltext" titles are
Moderation, Factors, Wood, and Perspective. is no longer current; I miss it.

Sandra Dodd, at Lake Superior, with a stick and a camera

If you click here you will see these and others by Holly Dodd

Devyn Dodd (my eldest granddaughter) is making titles for me, in 2024. Here's one, and it's a link to at least nine others, which link to their respective pages.

Sandra Dodd, from a moving car driven by Marty Dodd; white letters added later

By Robert and Robbie Prieto, September 2012:

By Andrew (age 14) & Glenda Sikes, Sept. 2012—those are his knuckles ;-)
By Robert and Robbie Prieto, September 2012:

By Karen James, September 2012 (from a larger painting linked at that site):
By Jalen Owens, September 2012
By Michael Masterson and Brie Jontry, September 2012
Five, by Noor JonryMasterson, and I can't decide which one to use. (Links on photos go to larger images; link on text just before this goes to the art page, which needs some work lower down but has some GREAT new cat art!!

by Karen James, Ethan and Nick:

Scanner Art Knotwork by Keith and Holly Dodd

My "ransom note" art, for "home" at the bottom of pages that aren't about unschooling or parenting, and not about the SCA. There are a few. 🙂

It was made by gluing magazine-ad letters onto paper and then scanning that.