Awards in Order of Bestowal
AElflaed of Duckford

An asterisk after "notes" means there is something to see on that page. Lack of an asterisk doesn't necessarily mean there is not something to see. I'll try to keep it updated, and I hope eventually to have all my scrolls here. It was last good on May 18, 2007. County scrolls added 2023; long break between.

Award Branch Given By Date AS notes
Award of Arms Atenveldt Koris and Leah December 17, 1977 XII notes
Order of the Light of Atenveldt Atenveldt Johann and Malinda May 29, 1978 XIII notes
Grant of Arms Atenveldt Johann and Malinda August 12, 1978 XIII notes
Queen's Grace Atenveldt Willow December 30, 1978 XIIInotes
Order of the Pelican Atenveldt Koris II and Leah November 24, 1979 XIV notes *
Grail of Grace Outlands (Principality) Beau Marishka January 19, 1980 XIV notes
Premier Bearer of the Queen's Cypher Atenveldt Shaleaya December 6, 1980 XV notes
Viscountess/Lady of the Dove SCA/Outlands (Principality) Kveldulf and Katlin January 17, 1981 XV notes
Scorpion of al-Barran al-Barran Stefan May 24, 1981 XVI notes *
Augmentation of Arms Atenveldt Albert and Selene October 3, 1981 XVI notes *
Premier of the Russian Thistle al-Barran Stefan and Beau December 18, 1982 XVII notes
Leaping Stag Outlands (Principality) William and Caryn January 15, 1983 XVII notes *
Stag's Tynes Outlands (Principality) Ælfgar and Bronwyn May 26, 1984 XIX notes *
Order of the Laurel Atenveldt Trelon and Trude May 27, 1984 XVII notes *
Countess/Lady of the Rose SCA/Outlands Johann and Kathryn November 1, 1986 XXI notes *
Walker of the Way Outlands Artan II and Tara May 6, 1989 XXIV notes *
Stag's Heart Outlands Olaf and Jeanne April 3, 1993 XXVII notes *
Heart of the Scorpion of al-Barran al-Barran Susan and Needham September 17, 1994 XXIX notes *
Queen's Cypher Outlands Aziza (III) May 11, 1996 XXXI notes *
Queen's Cypher Outlands Aindrea April 15, 2000 XXXIV notes*
Cordon Royal Outlands Artan VI May 12, 2007 XLII notes *
Queen's Cypher Outlands Aziza (IV) May 12, 2007 XLII notes *

(Awards chart format borrowed from Mistress Yolande Chastellaine's Biography, with her permission and my thanks.   —Ælflæd)

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