Stag's Tynes, AElflaed of Duckford

I was Chronicler of the Principality of the Outlands, and I believe that was the main reason for this service award.

The scroll is 8.5x11, pre-printed, and was painted in by a mundane friend of mine, Mary Ann Beck. The arrangement for that to be done was Gunwaldt's idea, I think. Mary Ann and I went to college together, and when she was 26 she broke her neck inner-tubing in the Sandias. When she colored that scroll, she did so as a quadraplegic, moving one hand with the back of her other hand, painstakingly, with a paintbrush fastened to her hand with a velcro strap. She used metallic colors and did fancy shading, and it's really pretty when you can see it being reflective.

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