Queen's Cypher from Aziza in the reign of Artan VI

The size of the actual scroll is 5.5 x 7"

It looks, with the lines and all, like a page from a medieval book. It is the beautiful work of Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern, of Unser Hafen. It was done with paint and ink from period recipes, and with a quill. It's stunning.

The pin given as a token of the cypher of Aziza in the reign of Artan VI was cast from art prepared by Queen Aziza herself. Click for closer detail. The background roses are from a small cast piece Raymond already owns and sells. The horse and crown were created by Aziza (as was the cast piece given out by the King in gold plate on the Cordon Royals and in bronze to others on the retinue, which can be seen here).

Those who received Queen's Cyphers were

Gunwaldt Gullbjorn

Tancred d'Avignon

Charles Robert Blackstone

Melodia Shaw

Genevre la Tisserande

Matilda Seton

Anne Bigod

AElflaed of Duckford

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