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Big Book of Unschooling, chats on sections
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Various Topics and older chats

Some Previous Chats (with transcripts and maybe links)

Learning from Movies

Wonder and Awe

Bilingual Families

BEing with Children

Older Unschoolers

Quotes, ideas, affirmations

"About a Boy", discussion of the movie, not the book, from March 2 (lots of info on that page!)

Food, Eating, Unschooling, help! from February 27

Food (again/more) (transcript is up at the link).

Unschooling angles on adoption or fostering of kids who have been abused, from February 22 (There won't be a transcript but will be links someday.)

Moving from School to Unschooling, from February 20

Schuyler Waynforth on video games, television, computers, and maybe food., from February 18

World of Warcraft: What's Learned?, from Febuary 16

Chat with Ren Allen, from February 12, 2009

Chat with Pam Sorooshian, from February 6, 2009

World of Warcraft (the first one), from February 5, 2009

Young children and unschooling, from January 29, 2009

Genius Class to Go, left column, a little way down. A chat on giftedness, from AOL homeschool forum days, sometime in the 90's.