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November 28, 2012

SandraDodd: Today's chat will be on learning from movies.

What have you (your own self) learned from movies, about history or geography? Human nature? Art, music or dance?

A hundred years ago, people began to take novels seriously as a medium through which to view everyday life and thought, or rarified special life and thought. Movies aren't new anymore.

In the late 19th century, there was a movie theater in Buffalo, New York which was described this eay a few decades later: "There were seats for about 90 persons and the admission was three cents. Feeble, flickering films of travel scenes were the usual fare." It only lasted two years.

Movies are going through another slump now, because people can watch movies at home so easily. They've gone from being like expensive non-circulating books in libraries, to being as available as paperback books (VHS and DVD) to being like e-books now (downloadable, streaming, on-demand).

There are psychologists and philosophers who discuss movies in terms ways can be used in therapy and spiritual growth.

Try to bring a story.


19th century pre-movies art:

Panoramic painting:

Viewers flocked to pay a stiff 3 shillings to stand on a central platform under a skylight, which offered an even lighting, and get an experience that was "panoramic" (an adjective that didn't appear in print until 1813). The extended meaning of a "comprehensive survey" of a subject followed sooner, in 1801. Visitors to Barker's Panorama of London, painted as if viewed from the roof of Albion Mills on the South Bank, could purchase a series of six prints that modestly recalled the experience; end-to-end the prints stretched 3.25 metres. In contrast, the actual panorama spanned 250 square metres.

SandraDodd: Before there were movies, people used to pay to come and see a very large painting of a place. There were paintings of the American West.
That's why it made sense to call [movies, later] "moving picture shows."
There were picture shows before that :)

SandraDodd: This is a quote from one of those reports:

Wordsworth's biggest problem with panoramas was their pretense: the panorama lulled spectators into stupors, inhibiting their ability to imagine things for themselves. Wordsworth wanted people to see the representation depicted in the panorama and appreciate it for what it was – art.

So in the 19th century, someone criticized the idea of people looking at large paintings because it would inhibit their imagination.

SandraDodd: I love seeing that the prejudice is not really about the reality of the medium, but of human jealousy. There were people (according to one of those links above) who thought it just wasn't fair that poor people would get to see scenes that only rich people who could travel should get to see.

SandraDodd: Teachers get jealous, too. If a child enjoys movies more than books, that means the child will know things the (snobbish non-movie-going maybe) teacher doesn't know. And that disturbs the balance of knowledge and power.

SandraDodd: In 1968, a beautiful movie of Romeo and Juliet came out. It was criticized all kinds of ways, by some people. Silly, kneejerk ways.

SandraDodd: But the fact is that lots of people came to like Shakespeare from that (at least that one play). And it was a huge boost for costume and prop and set people, because it was so rich and detailed. It was still before the days of home video tapes, so people saw it at the theater or they didn't see it, but it WAS just before the days of videotapes for large universities, so it was available in that way.

SandraDodd: How about pictures in our heads? Think of something you can really picture now that you couldn't have without movies.

SandraDodd: For me, the inside of a submarine, and Lhasa, in Tibet.

SandraDodd: Name something you can picture now that you couldn't have pictured from written descriptions.

AlexPolikowsky: Snow!

SandraDodd: A running giraffe.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: places... like anywhere in the world, that I haven't been. I haven't gotten to travel too much because of cost, but movies let me see the east coast, or Austrailia, etc.

AlexPolikowsky: Growing up in a place with no snow

Jill Parmer: I think it's ok now.

AlexPolikowsky: Africa

SandraDodd: Coral reefs, underwater fish, sunken ships

Marta Pires: (not messed up here, I'm just reading because I've got Constança on my lap watching youtube)

SandraDodd: Even those 19th century panoramic paintings couldn't have shown those things.

SandraDodd: National Geographic with color photos can show animals and landscapes, but can't show the motion of them. It can show people's faces, but you can't see the movement of their eyes, or hear their voices.

ColleenP (NH): : Mt Everest, Tahiti - places that are so different from where I live, and that are so pretty in movies!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Things that I wouldn't want to do personally like bungie jumping and sky diving, or flying in a Cesna airplane I can experience from my home.

AlexPolikowsky: Movies are big for me!
I can appreciate so much! The photography, places, costumes, accents, facial expressions....

AlexPolikowsky: so much

I absolutely love movies. Always have

ColleenP (NH): : movies can make me fall in love with things I just liked before - like penguins, after March of the Penguins. And sharks!

SandraDodd: When Hawaii became a state one of the best pieces of nationalistic propaganda/introduction was the Elvis Presley movie "Blue Hawaii." Helicopter shots, in color, on big screens, everywhere.

SandraDodd: That movie came out in 1961. I think I saw it in 1963 (quite late , but on the big screen. So I was a few hundred yards from the Rio Grande, in an adobe movie theater built in 1915 or so, looking at pictures from the air of a place far away that had been a state for just four years.

AlexPolikowsky: Movies are fantastic! After you watch a fabulous movie if you listen to the music you get trasported back to those moments

Serah: the australian outback!

trista: I'd never seen those sky lanterns being released all at once until watching Tangled with my kids!

Serah: the music in movies really adds to the experience, as much as the actors do

SandraDodd: I watched Lincoln the other day and the music was subtle but powerful. Credits said: John Williams

SandraDodd: Five-time academy award winning John Williams.

AlexPolikowsky: I loved the Twilight books and loves the movies. (OK I know they are cheese and silly but I loves reliving the first love and all that -I am cheese) so just went to see the last movie and actually cried because that was it. It is over. I know Harry Potter fans felt the same way.

AlexPolikowsky: Cheesy!

SandraDodd: We don't recognize his face, maybe, but the themes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, ET...

AlexPolikowsky: Those are fabulous!

ColleenP (NH): : I was in band in school and we always were so excited when we got to play John Williams music at our concerts - Star Wars theme!!

AlexPolikowsky: Some movie music is amazing! Schindler's list still can make me tear up just like Out of Africa

Marta Pires: Wow Out of Africa, I LOVE that movie!

AlexPolikowsky: And the Disney movies have some great music!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I love Twilight too Alex... shared reading them with my teen at the time

AlexPolikowsky: Out of Africa is fabulous!

Marta Pires: I think I know some of the lines by heart, since I saw it so many times, Alex.

ColleenP (NH): : my husband and I watched Moonrise Kingdom last night, and the music absolutely made the movie - one of the best soundtrack-to-movie pairings I remember in a while

Jill Parmer: We became fans of Hans Zimmer after Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Pirates of the Caribbean. He has some maybe signature sounds, and we can pick them out in new movies, and when we check...sure enough Hans Zimmer.

AlexPolikowsky: Yes Jill! Love those!

AlexPolikowsky: Movies do not make me read less.I still am a book worm.

Rebecca Allen: We had a cassette tape of the Out of Africa soundtrack that we listened to in the car for what seemed like years.

AlexPolikowsky: Spirit music makes me tear up too!

SandraDodd: It's traditional (and inevitable, usually) for people to complain about movie adaptations of books.

SandraDodd: Holly, though, growing up as a big movie fan and late reader, goes the other way.

SandraDodd: When she watches a move based on a book, she wants to see the movie first and then read the book.

ColleenP (NH): : speaking of picking out sounds, my son can pick out voice actors in different movies. Like he realized the crane in Kung Fu Panda 2 and Minion in Megamind are the same actor - I was amazed. He's yet to be wrong about a pair he picks out like that!

AlexPolikowsky: I do not! I can see how the movie is made and how it is different

Jill Parmer: Oh, yes, my kids do that too, Colleen.

SandraDodd: It helps her to envision the places, and as she reads she thinks about why the movemakers made the choices they did. Sometimes it's because it couldn't be done as the book, or they needed to cut out some characters and scenes.

Jill Parmer: Amazing all the things they can pay attention to.

SandraDodd: Kirby could do that, Colleen.

ColleenP (NH): : Jill it really amazes me - I can't pick it out, and he does right away. So cool!

AlexPolikowsky: I love voice actors! I got into Audio books because of some good ones!

AlexPolikowsky: Exactly Sandra!

SandraDodd: I could hardly tell that Ernie and Kermit were the same, but Kirby would hear a voice on a commercial and say "That's the guy who does Leonardo on Ninja Turtles," and he'd be right.

Jill Parmer: Oh voice actors...Brendan Fraser. Love him.

AlexPolikowsky: I am always interested in the adaptations!

ColleenP (NH): : I still want to read the book 3 Idiots is based on, and see how it compares to the movie

SandraDodd: (I made that example up.... the guy who did Michaelangelo was on lots of other things, but I don't remember if Leonardo was, specifically.)

SandraDodd: I watched Bedazzled last week, again, where Brendon Fraser plays so many different kinds of characters.

ReneeCabatic: Wreck itRalph has some great voice actors

SandraDodd: He plays a Colombian drug lord in one section. He was coached to do that local accent, and he did it, I've read, really well.

AlexPolikowsky: You know what I like about kids? Some will see a movie several times and the parents complain about it. I think it is fantastic. many movies are better the second or third time around. Every time I see Forest Gump I like someting different.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Hotel Translvania was a very funny Adam Sandler movie... just loved it!!! My 6yr old and I laughed the whole time...

Serah: It just started snowing here!!! My boys are doing happy dances

SandraDodd: So not just Spanish, but the local Colombian Spanish.

AlexPolikowsky: Brandon Fraser is fabulous!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Bedazzled is my oldest daughters favorite movie!!

AlexPolikowsky: Princess Bride is another movie that gets better the more you see it!

SandraDodd: It's really a great movie, and has the song "If you want to be somebody else, change your mind." That line alone is a philosophical and spiritual jewel.

SandraDodd: Princess Bride is, in my experience, the movie that booklovers complained about the least.

Jill Parmer: I like the "extras" on dvds, the actors saying how they got into the part, or how they filmed something difficult, all about sets, costumes, etc.

Serah: I love watching a movie over, each time I notice something different, like with Lord of the Rings

AlexPolikowsky: Yes Jill! Love that too! and extra scenes that did not make it are awesome too.

Jill Parmer: Yes, Serah!

ColleenP (NH): : just looked up Bedazzled on Netflix - they have the 1967 version on instant, and the later version on DVD

ColleenP (NH): : the outtakes - Robbie's really into "how the actors screwed up and how FUNNY that is!!!" lately :)

Jill Parmer: And I think parents should let their kids watch movies over and over, they are obviously getting something out of it.

SandraDodd: People look at the same paintings over and over. They listen to the same music over and over, and read the same books. But yes, some will then complain that their child watches the same movie repeatedly. It's ignorance and prejudice.

AlexPolikowsky: I am finishing the first Season of Game of Thrones after reading the first book. Awesome!

SandraDodd: I rebuke them.

SandraDodd: I don't now anyone who likes a poem but has only read it once.

AlexPolikowsky: Me too Sandra! I am glad I had a step son who would see a movie ten times! Or more! So I was already Ok with that!

SandraDodd: Nor a song.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Oh Alex... the books were wonderful... Game of Thrones is one of my very favorites... Loved it!!!

SandraDodd: Alex, Marty and Kirby are big into Game of Thrones (books and show)

Marta Pires: And I am glad I found you guys. Now I can't think of it any other way! ;)

SandraDodd: Maybe I'll read them someday.

AlexPolikowsky: Some movies really need more than one viewing! There is just too many great things in them!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I can watch episodes over and over and see so many things I missed the last time

SandraDodd: Alex, I so agree. It's impossible to see everything in one viewing.

Jill Parmer: I've been having hard time getting into Game of Thrones, but Steve, Addi, and Luke love the movies.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: They are very complex and until you read the books I think you miss so many things

AlexPolikowsky: I think you will like them Sandra!

ReneeCabatic: We love having movie marathons. Watching all the Harry Potters or every Adam Sandler movie we own over a couple days or during an illness. We get all into the lines, costumes, food, googling what the actors are in now etc

SandraDodd: So movies... They have gone from "popular entertainment" to highly respected fine art and big business.

SandraDodd: But like TV, the first ones weren't nearly as great as the later things.

SandraDodd: Awkward beginnings, small technology...

Jill Parmer: Yeah, Renee. We get all excited when we know a certain interaction is coming up.

AlexPolikowsky: I agree iwth Angie Jill. Tjey are very complex. I am doing the Audio book

SandraDodd: One of my favorite movies is Seven Years in Tibet.

SandraDodd: And I've read the book. And both are good, but the movie is better. Music? John Williams.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I agree Sandra... I feel like a technology snob but it's almost painful to watch some of the 70's and 80's movies because the special effects were so bad compared to know... but they were on the top of their time when they were made

Marta Pires: Loved it too Sandra! (the movie)

Marta Pires: Beautiful soundtrack.

AlexPolikowsky: But old movies are awesome! Charles Chaplin The Kid is fantastic!

Trista brought a link the next day: (It's on Hulu.)
SandraDodd: And then there's Brad Pitt playing a very bratty German who has a spiritual transformation.

AlexPolikowsky: He was amazing!

Marta Pires: Yeah, that too. ;)

Jill Parmer: I just watched a video of how they are editing The Hobbit. They hope to be finished a couple days before the premier...they hope!

SandraDodd: The New Zealand Premier has happened.

SandraDodd: (Or early this morning, or however their time difference is.)

Serah: i really liked the Chaplin movie with Robert Downey Jr

SandraDodd: I'm going to mine this chat transcript for movies to watch.

SandraDodd: And books to read, it seems. ;-)

Jill Parmer: Yes, Angie, the actors seem so stiff in earlier movies, now their is so much to act more natural, and actors who have such control over their facial features...amazing.

AlexPolikowsky: Sorry the name of the movie is The Kid but there were other awesome ones too

ReneeCabatic: that's what I am doing: writing down movie titles to watch!

Jill Parmer: Same here.

Serah: I feel that the hunger games movie really needed to be either followed or preceeded with the book

ColleenP (NH): : I am adding to my Netflix queue in another window while chat is open here :)

AlexPolikowsky: I got movie tittles! I was a huge movie buff. When my kids were little I did not watch much so I am catching up those years but before 2002 you name it and I probably saw it!

ColleenP (NH): : 7 years in Tibet, Game of Thrones, Bedazzled... yep

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I haven't read or watched them yet... I want to be able to really digest it all (Hunger Games)

Serah: I loved how the same actors in Cloud Atlas protrayed a variety of roles - quite formidable

AlexPolikowsky: Yes Serah. But followed is fine.

Marta Pires: I have a few favorites, but they're kinda sad... I think I need to make a new list of favorite movies!

SandraDodd: The way there was for a long time a big difference between and prejudice about hardbound books vs. paperbacks, there is that now with movies in theaters, vs. films in cinemas. Some of it is regional/national terminology, but some is class prejudice.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I have a dvd burner so I record movies on the my DVR and then burn them to disk so I can eventually get to see them... I watch more little bear, Barbie and Disney then recommended... LOL


SandraDodd: I recommend you watch as much as you want, Angie!

ColleenP (NH): : between Netflix, Redbox, and our library adding a DVD section a couple years ago, we've been watching tons of things lately. Winter is coming and movies by the fire are a must!

Serah: absolutely , Alex

SandraDodd: I watched a LOT of kids' shows when I had young children.

AlexPolikowsky: I don't have prejudice on movies being diferent but John Grisham novels are not as exciting as movies for me. I like the books better.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL... I find myself watching little kids programs when I am home alone... it's that bad!

SandraDodd: Sometimes I like surprises in books because there's no soundtrack to alert me.

ReneeCabatic: I saw Hysteria, it only played in our local DarkSide Cinema. Very artsy fartsy. Great movie

SandraDodd: That's not bad, Angie. I still check in on Sesame Street sometimes.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL that was my favorite as a kid! And Mr. Rodger's

SandraDodd: So...Just as it was wonderful when the book tradition became to start with hardback and then go to paperback (so poorer people could own the book too),

AlexPolikowsky: Great book and movies. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. Millennium trilogy Awesome books and movies. ( check out the Swedish movies)

SandraDodd: it's wonderful to live these days when people can buy a DVD of a movie while it's still fairly new!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: My all time favorite movie is What Dreams May Come... the way they make heaven turn into watercolors just excites my senses!

SandraDodd: And without touching a DVD, you can watch them with computers and tablet computers and even phones nowadays.

SandraDodd: That is HUGE in the world of input, inspiration and information

SandraDodd: AND you can watch a bit and watch the rest later.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: So true Sandra!! I have hulu on right now, catching up on some programs, while chatting!

Serah: My boys LOVE movies, and they choose that most often each day, sometimes seeing 3 or 4 movies each day. I used to think that would change when we were done deschooling, but now I can see the beauty in the films that they are watching and more often then not, sit with them to partake in the show.

AlexPolikowsky: I love kids movies! Lots of great ones around!

SandraDodd: Maybe save that quote from the top (or the link to it) where the dire warning was pronounced that looking at a panoramic painting would stunt the imagination.

SandraDodd: Don't listen to people who say movies are bad.


I think movies, like books, make for excellent education resources. At the age of ten or eleven I was already a big fan of movies and would watch my favourites several times on VHS, and I remember the feeling of comprehending different things about each movie, as I grew up. Also, I remember reading "The Hobbit" with my brother. he taught me to like reading books because we split the charaters between us and read the whole thing, acting or "role playing" each character. I'm looking forward to watching it now after all these years, on big screen.

AlexPolikowsky: Ice Age and Rio were directed by a friend of mine!

SandraDodd: Nice, Alex!

SandraDodd: So he got to meet Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords!

SandraDodd: Anyone who has never listened to any Flight of the Conchords music, please do. It's very high-quality comedy, and beautiful music, too.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Meadoux my 6yr old... like to tell people she is TV schooled because she picks up so many things from watching tv and movies... it sounds bad to a lot of people who think traditional education is great but after they talk to her they are really impressed by how much she knows!

AlexPolikowsky: Oh that was another Alexandra! I was "what??" did I write that? Funny!

ColleenP (NH): : on Facebook I think it was recently, people were talking about how when we were little we had to wait all year for certain movies to be on TV - now we can see them whenever we want - rewind and watch good parts again - pause to get snacks - so cool how far movie-watching has come

SandraDodd: Angie, Rose Sorooshian, Pam's daughter who is 21, or 22, is the TV-watchingest kid I've ever seen and she can tie ANY show into everything else in the world

AlexPolikowsky: I want to see so many new movies! So many great ones coming out this year!

Serah: that is so cool, Sandra! IT gives me hope

SandraDodd: Colleen, I remember waiting to watch Peter Pan until they stopped showing it because people had complained about the Tiger Lily character. And Wizard of Oz.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: How funny Sandra!! I will remember that, and maybe get to meet her someday! That is too cool!!

SandraDodd: Not hope. Let it give you powerful confidence. ;-)

Serah: Nice!

ColleenP (NH): : Wizard of Oz is the one I remember waiting for - it was an excuse for a party, and staying up late with friends while our parents played Bridge in the other room!!

SandraDodd: She's speaking at the symposium here in December. Jill Parmer: Many nights right before I go to bed, Addi and I hang out and watch stuff on her ipad, and we usually watch upcoming Movie Trailers, she keeps a list for us.

SandraDodd: These kids aren't kids anymore and won't always be going to unschooling conferences.

Rebecca Allen: Sandra, I was searching for some of Pam's writing about Rose's extensive television watching. Do you recall if that is any place outside of Always Learning list? I don't see it on your tv page.

SandraDodd: Notes from her talk last year are there.

AlexPolikowsky: I do not look at movies or books as educational. I just enjoy them and whatever my kids learn they learn. That is how it goes here.

SandraDodd: She's only spoken about it at HSC and my conferene, thusfar--panels with other kids, not "a talk."

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I just got Cinderella on DVD... oh I loved seeing it at the Matinee when I was about Meadoux's age and hadn't seen it since... now 2 weeks after I bought it they are showing it on Disney Channel this week.

SandraDodd: But Alex, I imagine you're past the point of sorting educational things out from other things.

AlexPolikowsky: My favorite movie as a young child was Born Free. I loved that movie and I learned so much by getting me interested in animals and Africa.

AlexPolikowsky: My favorite movie as a young child was Born Free. I loved that movie and I learned so much by getting me interested in animals and Africa.

Jill Parmer: Wizard of Oz scared me. I didn't like the witch.

SandraDodd: Disney channel won't rewind for you.

ColleenP (NH): : yep you never know what kids are going to pick up from watching - Robbie right now is fascinated by how corsets keep appearing in movies lately - Mirror, Mirror - Brave - and others I can't recall right now. Zipping people into corsets is an ongoing theme!

SandraDodd: Jill, lots of people say they were afraid of the flying monkeys, but I LOVED those.

Jill Parmer: I barely remember the flying monkeys.

SandraDodd: There's a corset in Lincoln.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I know I so wanted to go, but after my partner being out of work for a month and a half our resources are drained. I am in CA and so it would be a short trip, but we can't do it... :(

Jill Parmer: There's a corset scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.

SandraDodd: Go to the HSC conference next year, Angie. You can probably meet her there.

ColleenP (NH): : Pirates of the Caribbean - that's where it started, the theme-noticing! thank you Jill - was driving me crazy trying to remember :)

SandraDodd: Any movie can lead to a hundred or a thousand different connections.

AlexPolikowsky: Sandra I do not think I ever had too because growing up movies, TV or any media were not seen as evil or a waste of time. My father was in advertizing so we loved commercials,. adds, movies, songs, art photography. A very different way than all the fear people have today

ReneeCabatic: and in the snow white movie with Julia Roberts....

SandraDodd: And it doesn't need to be now. It might ot happen for five years, or twenty.

ColleenP (NH): : Renee yep Mirror, Mirror. Cute movie - awesome costumes!!

ReneeCabatic: The stilts!! Amazing

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I will make one soon hopefully. I am planning on the HSC one! I also want to attend that one to unload all my various years of school books, and workbooks that I have accumulated, and no longer need!!

ColleenP (NH): : yep the colors in that movie were crazy beautiful - so many neat things in that one!

Jill Parmer: What I'm loving in movies lately are the costumes. I've really gotten into sewing again this past year, and I'm having so much fun looking at how characters are dressed.

AlexPolikowsky: Mirror Mirror is pretty cute!

ColleenP (NH): : I like some of the houses/decorations lately - when I see movies from India, I want to redecorate my house in much more interesting colors and patterns. Same when I see movies with Moroccan colors/patterns.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Oh Brave was awesome Colleen... it was so mother and daughter and hit home with me and my oldest. In fact we had 3 generations at the theater. My mom, myself and my two girls... my mom now wants a DVD copy for herself, she loved it!

SandraDodd: Movies can be escapism in the finest way.

ReneeCabatic: Some people say escapism is a bad thing. I disagree.

SandraDodd: Cinderella, the musical by Rogers and Hammerstein, was obscure. They wrote it for Julie Andrews and it was on TV, but live. And in the 70's they did another version, but it wasn't great, and it was on tv. The third one.... great, on TV, AND quickly on DVD. Beautiful art, great music.

AlexPolikowsky: IMDb has a top 250 list of movies that is not bad. Lots of my picks there

ColleenP (NH): : happy escapism, definitely!

SandraDodd: But fantasy in all ways.

Jill Parmer: Colleen we have a tea house here, it's from Tajikistan. Disassembled there and reassembled here. It's beautiful. Carvings, tile, painting.

ColleenP (NH): : tea house - sounds beautiful!!

ColleenP (NH): : yurts too. when I see yurts in movies, I want to move into one. In a warm climate. So pretty!!

Serah: i liked the karate kid

SandraDodd: Oh! It's on Broadway now. How ass backwards (but still very cool) for it to have been on TV THREE TIMES, and written by Broadway guys, but hadn't been on stage.

AlexPolikowsky: Love number one Shawshank Redemption!

Jill Parmer: We have some yurts here that you can rent. Go cross-country skiing and stay in the yurts. Doesn't take much to keep them warm in winter.

SandraDodd: Not until January. There's a list of the other movie there, too:

AlexPolikowsky: Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors ever and his voice is amazing

ColleenP (NH): : there is an alpaca farm near us that rents yurts, but doesn't allow pugs. Everyone should allow pugs :)

SandraDodd: Not "movies." Productions on TV; sorry.

SandraDodd: Karate kid is great because the three movies fit right together.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Oh did anyone see The Horse Boy... about the parents that traveled to Mongolia for a cure for their son's Autism? It was a painful movie to watch but they went to some really remote areas, to places you wouldn't ever usually see... the raindeer, the native people... it was so neat to see.

Marta Pires: I love Ennio Morricone soundtracks. The Piano, The Mission, ...

SandraDodd: They make a great marathon.

SandraDodd: If you watch Three Idiots they show some parts of India that aren't in movies usually. And it's a great story, too.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Sandra, my oldest still prefers the Cinderella with Brandy, the singer. I think that's the one you mean, from the 90's.

Serah: Loved the karate kid in the 2nd one got to see Okinawa - was cool

SandraDodd: Yes, Angie. It's a good one.

SandraDodd: I like the view of Japan in the beautiful Totoro.

AlexPolikowsky: before I forget another amazing movie with a fantastic sound tract, amazing actors, beautiful photograpy and story is

AlexPolikowsky: The Mission

SandraDodd: The old woman working in the field, the dusty house, the hospital.

ColleenP (NH): : Labyrinth - that used to be one of my favorite movies - watched it with Robbie the other day and it wasn't the same as it used to be (seemed dated) but David Bowie was still cool to watch!

SandraDodd: The muppet parts are still wonderful too, in The Labyrinth.

ColleenP (NH): : we watched Dark Crystal the same day - fun to see them both again!

AlexPolikowsky: Colleen I rewatched Excalibur and I felt the same way. It was one of my favorite movies and I bought a copy a year or so ago but was not as impressed

SandraDodd: Now that you've mentioned David Bowie, I must put this link in: /bowieletter/
I was David Bowie's first American fan.
Okay, now I'm done.

AlexPolikowsky: You are too cool Sandra!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: How about the movie... Like Water for Chocolate. LOL I watched it as a teen...

AlexPolikowsky: I had a huge crush on Bowie

ColleenP (NH): : very cool Sandra!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL.. Sandra!! I liked him too back when

ReneeCabatic: Sandra -have you seen Bandslam yet?

SandraDodd: I haven't watched that, Angie.

AlexPolikowsky: !Angie that is a wonderful movie!

Jill Parmer: Being a knitter, I love the loooooong blanket the woman knitted in Like Water for Chocolate.

AlexPolikowsky: Watched several times

Serah: loved that one Angie

SandraDodd: So it goes on my list.

SandraDodd: Analyze This is good.

ColleenP (NH): : same thing happened with Ghostbusters - I remember it being great, but tried to watch it with Robbie and couldn't get thru it!

Marta Pires: The book is awesome too (Like Water to Chocolate).

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Oh you should see it.... it's a must see at least once... it was very embarressing for a teen to watch... at the time

SandraDodd: I like Spartacus, Ben Hur and El Cid.

Serah: never read the book.

SandraDodd: They're not a set, but they're similar.

ColleenP (NH): : What About Bob - I thought that was laugh out loud funny! I should try again to watch it and see if I still do.

AlexPolikowsky: I love THe Usual Suspects ! Great movie

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: oh yep like all those... they did Ben Hur here on the CA coast where I am from

Serah: loved Gladiator

ReneeCabatic: Band Slam has a character that writes to David Bowie- it ends so well

SandraDodd: And for modern movies, Gladiator (with Russel Crowe) can go in that set.

AlexPolikowsky: Casablanca is a classic and awesome

Marta Pires: Great movie Alex!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: And Gone with the Wind too

SandraDodd: Ben Hur's author was governor of New Mexico. Some of the book was written in Santa Fe's Palace of the Governors. Connections!

AlexPolikowsky: Sandra - Cinema Paradiso! beautiful movie

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL... so true... it's a very small world Sandra!

Jill Parmer: We got the soundtrack to Gladiator. Luke loved it so much. I thought it was interesting that a young kid, would listen to instrumental.

ColleenP (NH): : Emperor's New Groove is my favorite ever animated movie. And on a totally different note, both my husband and I love Dogma.

Marta Pires: A sad one but a beautiful one -- Life Is Beautiful (?), by/with Roberto Begnini.

SandraDodd: Dogma is one weird movie.

AlexPolikowsky: Dersu Uzala

SandraDodd: I watched that once, Marta, and never will again.

Serah: also liked Last Samurai

ColleenP (NH): : UP! is a close second for a favorite animated movie. And Megamind is great too.

Serah: and Dances with Wolves

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Oh me too Serah~

AlexPolikowsky: Dogma is pretty great!

Marta Pires: Yeah, really sad one...

SandraDodd: I don't need to induce heartbreak in my life.

ReneeCabatic: Lost in Translation is one of my favorites

ColleenP (NH): : Dogma is definitely different - my husband is in the other room shouting "GREAT movie!!" :)

AlexPolikowsky: Yes SeraH!

Robin B.: I saw the reference to flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz. As we watched The Avengers, I coined the term "flying bug monkeys" and now it connects the two films in our minds.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL

SandraDodd: Last Samurai came out the same week as another movie that also had a 19th century photographer with one of those big cameras as part of the plot. And both movies had a journal as part of the story. And each had a native-English-speaker who had learned an Indian language.

Robin B.: Even though the aliens were neither bugs, nor monkeys!

Jill Parmer: Addi and I have been enjoying foreign films. We like how the actors are all shapes and sizes.

Serah: the boys are suggesting Wolverine, and X men

ColleenP (NH): : I think someone mentioned earlier What Dreams May Come - I cannot get thru that movie - I cry and cry.

Serah: and Matrix - all 3

SandraDodd: The Missing was the other movie. They weren't "the same" but they had those three common elements and came out at the same time.

Robin B.: We just watched a documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" about a famous sushi chef in Tokyo. Really good.

SandraDodd: Marty and I watched them both in the theater.

ReneeCabatic: Robin- I loved that movie!

Robin B.: It was good, wasn't it, Renee?

ReneeCabatic: it made me hungry for sushi

Robin B.: I know!

ColleenP (NH): : Robin I have that on my list to see - read a really interesting blog post about it and now I need to see it for myself!

SandraDodd: Add Wolverine and XMen to the list, for Serah's boys.


ColleenP (NH): : the live action Thor movie was a big hit here recently

SandraDodd: On Christmas, Mr. Wolverine will be in Les Mis. On CHRISTMAS!?

Serah: they are also suggesting Robin hood (with Russell Crowe)

SandraDodd: One of the saddest stories EVER, opening on Christmas? I object.

Robin B.: Mmmm....Thor

SandraDodd: But they didn't ask me.

ColleenP (NH): : :) Robin

Robin B.: Has anyone seen "In Bruges"?

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: When Meadoux at 4 finally got to see Wizard of Oz, I made sure I was in the room when the wicked witch did her speel with the flying monkeys so we could talk about it... And when it was over, I asked her what she thought and she said, "The wicked witch is just having a bad day like Grandma sometimes does!" I almost died!

SandraDodd: Yes. I saw In Bruge.

Serah: Avengers was good too

SandraDodd: What cool views of that city.

Robin B.: Did you like it, Sandra?

ColleenP (NH): : Robin Hood Men in Tights - that's another one I remember laughing and laughing

Serah: and Forbidden Kingdom

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I have set it to record. Is In Bruge good?

SandraDodd: And for anyone whose favorite part of In Bruge was Colin Farrel, you will be happy to see him in Seven Psychopaths.

Robin B.: I thought I was going to pee my pants at times. "In f*cking Bruges?" says Colin Farrel.

AlexPolikowsky: Foreign movie do not miss THe Queen Margot with Isabelle Adjani!

Marta Pires: Big laughs when I was a teenager -- Wayne's World.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: OH I'll have to write that one down. Love Colin Farrel

SandraDodd: He plays a screenwriter surrounded by violence who doesn't do anything but cringe and dodge and wish they would go away.

AlexPolikowsky: Absolutely amazing movie

ReneeCabatic: I also like Eternal Sunsgine of the Spotless Mind.

Robin B.: Okay, that's on my list, then.

AlexPolikowsky: Love Men in Tights

Marta Pires: Me too Renee!

SandraDodd: And it has my favorite actor, Sam Rockwell.

Robin B.: Mmmm...Sam

Serah: I love Hugo Weaving

ColleenP (NH): : I Heart Huckabees is one I want to see again when I'm paying attention. I remember it having interesting ideas.

SandraDodd: And Seven Psychopaths has Christopher Walken, who danced with John Travlota in Hairspray.

Robin B.: More cowbell!

Marta Pires: Life of Brian, awesome!

SandraDodd: Hairspray the musical should go on everyone's list.

Serah: speaking of foreign films we love - Ip man 1 and 2

Robin B.: Sorry. I keep shouting things out.

Robin B.: Life of Brian, Holy Grail, all of it.

Robin B.: Love Hairspray.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Really love Hugh Jackman after watching Austrailia!

SandraDodd: Serah, have you watched Hugo Weaving in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? AUSTRALIA

Serah: nope, is it good?

ReneeCabatic: The Troll Hunter - funny mock-umentary.

SandraDodd: Wonderful

Robin B.: Angie, Colin Farrel does lots of his acting with his eyebrows in "In Bruges" - it's fun to watch.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I will have to watch that Alex... I love English history. Anything about Henry the 8th... or prior, and Elizabeth, his daughter! Read it or watched it more then likely!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL... I will have to watch it for sure then Robin!!

AlexPolikowsky: More Foreign : (Three Colors: Blue (French: Trois Couleurs: Bleu)

ReneeCabatic: Thanks for the movie suggestions!!

Robin B.: I loved "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" John Leguizamo is the best straight guy in drag, ever.

ColleenP (NH): : Muppet Christmas Carol is fun, for the upcoming holiday season

Serah: The troll hunter looks scary, is it?

Serah: reminds me of I am Legend

SandraDodd: That was based on Priscilla. And each took three actors known as touch guys as their three-in-drag. And I just learned on a documentary about Michael Jackson the other night that Wesley Snipes (who is one of the tough guys in To Wong Foo) wasn't in anything, really, before he was in the Michael Jackson video "Bad."

ColleenP (NH): : English history - Lady Jane is a good one - different

Robin B.: The Rise of the Guardians has received rave reviews. We're heading out to see it this week.

AlexPolikowsky: I love Priscilla!!

Robin B.: Right, Sandra!

ColleenP (NH): : and links to Princess Bride via Cary Elwes :)

SandraDodd: He had small roles on some TV shows, but that video made him famous.

Robin B.: Mmmm...Cary Elwes

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Robin, I loved him in Princess Bride. But he lost something after that!

Serah: We need to go, heading out for a poetry slam

SandraDodd: There are movie ideas here: /movies

Robin B.: Okay. I'm fessing up to a guilty pleasure. Saw the last Twilight movie on Monday night.

AlexPolikowsky: Robin I saw it a week ago. Cried in the end. Because that was it!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: It's okay Robin, I loved it... Loved all of them and watched each one and went to two of the midnight premires... I am proud of it.. I am a Twi-Mom... :P

Robin B.: Michael Sheen was awesomely evil.

Robin B.: (Aro)

AlexPolikowsky: Michael Sheen is fabulous isn't he?

Robin B.: I go with one of my gay friends. Neither of our partners are interested.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Oh yes, I almost think he was the best, he so fit the role and played it to the hilt!!! Love his expressions!

Robin B.: He does a fab screech!

ColleenP (NH): : I cannot watch a vampire movie - vampires scare the beejeezus out of me - silly, maybe, but no matter how old I get I can't do it!! :)

Robin B.: I cried, too, Alex.

AlexPolikowsky: I want to see the Life of Pi? anyone see it? and Lincoln?

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I got my 41 yr old very truck-driving Redneck, partner to go... he watched all the rest on his own. He had to see the last one when he was home!!

Robin B.: Oh, Renee! Renesmee in the movie reminds me so much of Xumei!

Robin B.: I'd like to see it Alex. The book was great.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Colleen it's not the usual Vampire movie!! I usually hate those!

AlexPolikowsky: Cool Angie. I went to see the last Twilight with Gigi, she is 6 and a fan!

Robin B.: Renee's gone. But XuMei has a similar quality and look to the actress who played Renesmee.

AlexPolikowsky: Yeah Colleen is not really vampiristic!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL... wait til she can read the books, she'll love them!

ColleenP (NH): : hmm maybe I'll check out a trailer online and see if it freaks me

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: So Sandra... have you seen any Twilight movies?

AlexPolikowsky: Colleen see the first movie.

AlexPolikowsky: Seriously! It is not a vampire movie! HA

Robin B.: Each of the movies is quite different - they have different directors.

ColleenP (NH): : LOL the HA makes me nervous there ;)

Robin B.: Yes, the first is my favorite, actually.

SandraDodd: I haven't seen Twilight movies, but I have no objections. Maybe I should.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Or read a book... these Vampires are not people killing types.. they're vegan

AlexPolikowsky: I love the Indy aura in the first one and I love the music by Cater Burnwell

SandraDodd: I saw Lincoln, Alex. Loved it

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Mine too

Robin B.: And this last one I liked, too.

Robin B.: I got turned on to Muse from the first movie.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: My teen thinks the first is the worst! I have watched it over and over!

AlexPolikowsky: Did you? Daniel Day Lewis is such a great actor! Going to go see it!

Robin B.: Lincoln's on my list, too.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I want to see Lincoln too!

SandraDodd: Billy the Kid vs. Dracula. I wonder if that's on DVD. I haven't seen it since it was on late-night TV in the 1970's, and before that, afternoon TV in the 1960's.

AlexPolikowsky: OH and he did My Left Foot and that was a beautiful movie! Highly recomment

SandraDodd: I think this is the first movie I had seen him in.

AlexPolikowsky: He is fabulous! Anything wi

Robin B.: Angie, do you like True Blood (I know it's TV but it's the vampire connection).

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: No I don't because it's the typical Vampire thing

AlexPolikowsky: My Left Foot, Last of the Mohicans, In The Name of the Father..

AlexPolikowsky: Just some of his great movies Sandra

Robin B.: I like the books better, but mmmm...Alexander Skarsgard

SandraDodd: I just went and read the list. I hadn't seen any of those.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: I saw Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire as a teen, and that was pushing it for me

Marta Pires: Daniel Day Lewis rocks, Alex! ;)

AlexPolikowsky: He does Marta! He is amazing.

AlexPolikowsky: Yeah I love Muse!

Robin B.

Marta Pires: The Age of Innocence

AlexPolikowsky: Yes!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: good one Marta

Marta Pires: Beautiful movie.

Robin B.: This song was on our Greybeards playlist, but for down the road. I'm singing lead!

SandraDodd: When Laurence Olivier died there was a long article in People Magazine with a list of every movie he had ever made. I hadn't seen a single one. It was just coincidence. It's not like I was avoiding him.

And nearly the same with Elizabeth Taylor.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Yeah... my oldest watches, the voice and all the other music shows... Singing is her life, she's in 3 choirs at school... (yeah Public high school, ugh) and she is very talented, me nope, not real into music too much! :(

Robin B.: Did you go watch them, Sandra?

SandraDodd: Is your husband, Angie? Your parents? Is she genetically musical?

SandraDodd: Or are you musical but avoidant?

SandraDodd: Robin, I watched Henry V with Olivier.

SandraDodd: Eh.

AlexPolikowsky: I saw Elizabeth Taylor 5 feet away from at the LAX aiport in the 80's.

SandraDodd: And then watched Hamlet. That was better.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: You haven't watched Cleopatra or Taming of the Shrew with Liz Taylor, Sandra?

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Yes it's genetic, she has "the ear"...from her father.

SandraDodd: Oh, Taming of the Shrew I watched right away when she died.

AlexPolikowsky: She was gorgeous. Just something about her was fascinating. I can see what people saw in her.

Robin B.: Oh, that reminds me. My Day with Marilyn had a Laurence Olivier part in it. Really liked that movie, also.

SandraDodd: No... That one I had seen but I still haven't seen Cleopatra.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL... that was a great Liz Taylor role

SandraDodd: I should. And i 've seen scenes from National Velvet, in the past, but not the whole movie.

Robin B.: New movie about Taylor and Burton just out.

SandraDodd: There are a lot of movies in the world. Nobody's going to see them all.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: yes her and Mark Anthony... lots of heat, both good and bad in true 60's style

Robin B.: Even movie critics can't see them all.

SandraDodd: Before Sam Rockwell, my faorite actor was Charlton Heston, so I love the part in Wayne's World 2 when Wayne stops the movie to say they need a better actor to play the filling station attendant, and it starts right back up, but with Charlton Heston playing him.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: She's so whinning in National Velvet

SandraDodd: Whine - ing or win ning?

SandraDodd: or Whinny ing?

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LOL I don't remember that, might watch it again!

Robin B.: Snort! Whinnying!

Robin B.: Doing my best horse snort, too!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Whinny - ing for the pun, and Whine for what I meant!! LOL

AlexPolikowsky: Lol

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LMAO... snort snort

AlexPolikowsky: Lassie with her. I saw that one as a child

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Me too!

AlexPolikowsky: Lassie Come Home. I cried a lot! I was already so into dogs and animals

Robin B.: Butterfield 8 and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof were pretty good, though I didn't see all of either one of them.

SandraDodd: So for music, costume, art, scenery, animals, voices and accents, books are total crap and movies are the bomb.

SandraDodd: For character development and narration, books are great and movies sometimes have problems.

AlexPolikowsky: It is different.

SandraDodd: For showing what a character is thinking, books win.

AlexPolikowsky: Yes

Robin B.: Although Colin Farrel's eyebrows are pretty telling...

SandraDodd: But for the overall experience of the observer, there are things movies can do on a bad day that books will never even perceive.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: nah... if it's a well written book, other then the actual sound of someones voice.. books can be amazing

AlexPolikowsky: Both are amazing! Just different!

Marta Pires: Indeed Sandra!

AlexPolikowsky: I love books and I love movies.

Robin B.: Yes. Me, too.

ColleenP (NH): : I was thinking of eyebrows too

SandraDodd: Lord of the Rings was amazing.

SandraDodd: It seemed to be enough, until I saw the Rohan stables and great hall in the movie.

SandraDodd: Then I realized that what I pictured reading the book was always stunted and vague and small. And I have a healthy imagination and a lot of knowledge of medieval costume and art.

SandraDodd: Still, it wasn't much compared to the movie.

AlexPolikowsky: Somethings a book is better, some things a movie is better but they are both awesome.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Anyone ever read Colleen McCullough... she did my all time favorite The Touch and The Thornbirds... sorry can't underline in MLA format.... hee hee

ColleenP (NH): : Thornbirds yep book and movie I remember both

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Yes... there are movies I love I'd never want to read the book of, and vice a versa...

AlexPolikowsky: There are some audio books that have music. Maggie Stiefvatter writes songs for her books and plays in the audio book.

Marta Pires: Just remembered Braveheart! What a soundtrack!

AlexPolikowsky: I love it.

SandraDodd: The Help is great in audiobook.

ColleenP (NH): : my husband adores Braveheart

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Yes just watched The Help and loved it...

AlexPolikowsky: Love her books., She is a musician and it really shows on how she writes. Love her books in audio ! She alsopicks awesome voice actors/.

Marta Pires: I love it too Colleen, but it makes me cry.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: don't know if I'd want to read it...

Robin B.: I liked "The Devil Wears Prada" movie more than the book. Fashion needs to be seen.

SandraDodd: When I was a kid, seeing a Tom Sawyer movie was better than the book. I had never seen the Mississippi River, nor a cave.

SandraDodd: But I did love the book.


Scorpio Races

Robin B.: Chanel on Ann Hathaway. Lovely.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: The first movie/book I ever got totally pissed off about changes too, was The Horse Whisper... the book is fantastic!!! The movie was too, but I would've killed Robert Redford if possible, when he didn't die at the end. His ego probably wouldn't let him!

SandraDodd: Watch movies proudly

SandraDodd: Don't be embarrassed about what other people think.

Marta Pires: :)

SandraDodd: Let the movies lead 18 directions. Use the remote. Pause, rewind, use IMDB and google to find out more, more more!!

ColleenP (NH): : "Don't be embarrassed about what other people think" - so perfect in so many ways

Robin B.: Just going to say that, Colleen.

SandraDodd: Follow trails from one movie to the next by favorite actor or director or composer or any old thing.

AlexPolikowsky: another book from Maggie Stiefvater that she wrote a song for and plays in the Audio book, It does create a whole atmostphere:

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Robin... I agree on Anne ... she is so pretty, and I really liked Devil wears Prada


Robin B.: I was being shamed for liking "Gangnam Style" Too bad!!!

AlexPolikowsky: I do a lot of looking oN I MDb!

Robin B.: Ooh, Shiver!

SandraDodd: She's going to be in Les Mis, the musical, the movie of the musical, but.... be warned if you haven't seen it, that she is the saddest character and it will make you cry, especially mothers.

AlexPolikowsky: I love Gangnam Style! ANd Youtube has totally change the world!

Robin B.: I cried through the trailer, Sandra, watching her.

ColleenP (NH): : I don't understand Gangnam Style - is it supposed to be funny? Yep I'm that clueless :)

AlexPolikowsky: Did you read Robin?

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Love the finger painting, rough brush strokes, of that vid The Scorpio Races

Robin B.: Yes. It's a parody of a certain segment of Seoul society.

Robin B.: Did I read...?

SandraDodd: The guy was on Ellen, showing Ellen and Britney Spears how to do the dance. That is one great clip you can find on facebook.

ColleenP (NH): : I will watch it again then :)

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Yes it's funny Colleen... hysterical

SandraDodd: And he said the secret was to "dress classy and dance cheesy."

AlexPolikowsky: Shiver?

Robin B.: I like the US Navy midshipmen dancing it.

SandraDodd: There's a house in Australia that has done an electronic Christmas light display to that.

Robin B.: There are Christmas displays on my FB page, rocking out to Gangnam Style.

ColleenP (NH): : is that the one there are lifeguards dancing to, they lost their job?

Robin B.: That's it, Sandra!

ColleenP (NH): : I could be misremembering that one

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: Love Gangnam Style too Alex, makes you want to ride that horsey!! LOL

Robin B.: Yes, Colleen. Didn't follow it up, cuz that was rather dumb. If the Navy can do it, why can't lifeguards? The Navy loved it!

ColleenP (NH): : I think they got their jobs back. But don't quote me on that. I could just be hopeful that they did :)

Robin B.: Yes.

Robin B.: I danced it at our friends' wedding in September

AlexPolikowsky: yep that one is great! Saw it yesterday and could not stop smiling!

AlexPolikowsky: ]

Robin B.: All the young wedding guests thought it was great!

Marta Pires: The last movie I saw and loved was "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". I love Barcelona!

ColleenP (NH): : awesome!

Robin B.: The older people thought I was crazy.

AlexPolikowsky: It is great!

Marta Pires: The movie's cool and Javier Bardem is, in Robin's words (or lack of), just hmmmmm...

ColleenP (NH): : to those who say we're crazy we usually say "yep probably" :)

Robin B.: Oh...mmmmm....

AlexPolikowsky: he is hot

Marta Pires: Hot hot hot

Jill Parmer: I'll have to check that one out again, Marta. I wasn't so impressed with the trailer.

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: LMAO... that's too funny! Love it Robin!

Robin B.: Snort!

(Angie) Angeline Taylor: hee hee

Robin B.: I don't think I want to watch "No Country for Old Men" - might ruin his sex appeal.

Marta Pires: Totally, Robin.

Jill Parmer: nah, still sexy in No Country for Old Men.

Marta Pires: Really??

Jill Parmer: Very good acting!

Robin B.: Jill, you rock.

Jill Parmer: He's a baddie, for sure. But great actor.

AlexPolikowsky: This is a fabulous movie
Women on a verge of a mental breakdown

Robin B.: Oh, I *love* that movie, Alex. I couldn't think of the name.

Marta Pires: Yes, Almodovar is definitely worth checking out.

AlexPolikowsky: I know I had to look up/

AlexPolikowsky: Seriously Robin you need to come visit me!

Marta Pires: Pedro Almodovar, spanish director.

AlexPolikowsky: Marta too!

Robin B.: I know, Alex. I do.

AlexPolikowsky: Pedro Almodovar is fabulous!

Marta Pires: ;) Hehehehe For some wine by the fireplace?

Robin B.: Yes!!!

Marta Pires: And a Javier Bardem movie?

AlexPolikowsky: Yep Marta! You got it! and some movies!

Robin B.: 80 degrees and cosy!

AlexPolikowsky: Very cosy!

AlexPolikowsky: Got to go make some fire! See you girls later!

Again! Again! (the value of repeats)