Peers in the Lineage of Gunwaldt Gulbjorn and Ælflæd of Duckford

Master Gunwaldt has had five squires elevated to peerage:

  • Master Bulkar der Ostermachen [deceased] (Master of Arms)
  • Sir Lavan Longwalker (Knight) (pictured below, bottom row, left)
  • Jarl Vagn Olafson (Knight)
                 Vagn has had one squire become a knight: Sir Ælric Kyrre (pictured below, second from left in top row)
  • Sir Bohemond le Sinistre (Knight, and Master of the Laurel) (pictured below, third from left in top row)
                Bohemond's squire Tancred dAvignon was knighted May 12, 2007.
  • Master Bela the Kurgan (Master of Arms)

    Mistress Ælflæd has had four students elevated to peerage:

  • Mistress Helena the Fortunate [deceased] (Mistress of the Pelican)
  • Master Juan Balthazar Tegero (Master of the Pelican) (pictured below, wearing white)
  • Comtesse AnneAliz du Bale (Mistress of the Pelican)
  • Earl Cathyn Fitzgerald (Knight)
    Sort of also Artan and Matilda, which would require some explanation on the 'sort of' but leaving them out entirely doesn't feel right. (Both members of the Order of the Pelican.)

    I have another partial, in Mistress Liobsynde Behlringere of Aelfhafen, of Dragonsspine, who was Mistress Ava Trudine's student. As Ava wasn't a musician and I was, Ava asked me to be her co-Laurel. Liobsynde didn't really need me, and I wasn't local and she became a Laurel soon after (1992), so I've never felt comfortable claiming any credit but I like her and she attended an event in 2006, so I should acknowledge our brief bond for the record.

    Much more Ælflæd stuff
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    The Company of St. Martin, a charitable group founded by Duke Artan, contains several of our associates,
    and other people we know and like (apologies for the borrowing of those other images, but it's a good group).

    Sir Elric Kyrri, Sir Bohemond le Sinistre, Sir Raymond the Quiet, Master Juan Balthazar Tegero, Duke Artan MacAilin, Duke Martino Michel Veneri, Master Iric Blackelk.

    Bottom Row left to right, Sir Lavan Longwalker, Mistress Sara de Montgomerie, Sir Kragon of Land's End, Duke Hrothgar Monomakh.

    also a member but not pictured: Countess Matilda Seton