Bulkar der Ostermachen

Bulkar was Gunwaldt's first squire, and he became a Master of Arms. I don't have a photo of him in his baldric. We didn't know Bulkar wouldn't be around for many more photos, but he commited suicide over personal frustrations when he was still young. Gunwaldt was living in Loch Salann that year and missed the funeral. Most of our friends now never knew Bulkar, but now they can at least see who it is we're remembering.

If anyone who comes upon this page has photos of Master Bulkar, I would love to add them or link to them.

Bulkar escorted me in to be invested as 7th Princess of the Outlands. The Ansteorran guest who took the photo had cut me out of it anyway, so I cut out all but Bulkar.

Bulkar is in the yellow, to the left, watching Gunwaldt jump rope, at Outlandish V, of which I was the autocrat. —ælflaED

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