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An autobiographical moment in 1999, writing for a discussion on virtues:

I'm Cathyn Fitzgerald (formerly Bluesword), formerly Fanuidhol Bluesword, formerly Mikiru Hamiri (wow, there's a name I haven't seen/spoken in a looooooong time). I grew up a poor black boy in Tennesee. Oops, wait, that was Steve Martin in "the Jerk". Actually, I was born in New Jersey (which explains much), after my parents divorced, moved to Carlsbad with mom and little brother (which explains more), after graduating (sort of) High School, moved to Albuquerque, and I love to write parenthetically. =^)

I joined the SCA in September of 1980, as a lanky 14 year old geek. I am now a decrepit 33 year old geek, living proof that Little League baseball coaches are right, "Don't teach 14 year olds to throw the curve, their arms'll be ruined by 18." The wrapshot made me the man I am today. I fight, sew, cook, brew, make soap, armor, do C+I, jewelry (new one there), and, also new, philosophize. As AElflaed (my beloved teacher) points out, I have a gob of awards, some of which I even know what they're for. Awards aren't the be all and end all of SCA existence, however, so I just keep doing what I love to do.

I don't want to write much more for fear of sounding arrogant while trying to be funny, and I've already used up my one arrogant thing allotment for March.

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