Mistress Helena Gabrielle the Fortunate

"My device is a heraldically 'natural' rainbow which means should have six bands.
The orange and purple are missing here."

Mistress Helena's awards here The Premier of the Order of the Stag of the Outlands, Mistress Helena, has returned!

After Helena left the Outlands, she read for a Master's Degree at York, and then worked as an archeologist and PhD student through Cardiff. She supervised a longterm dig, spoke at conferences, and appeared a few times on the TV show "Time Team." She's back in al-Barran now, and will explain how archeological discoveries and research can help us in the SCA.

Note from Helena:

My Phd research is continuing on a part time basis and it is with the University of Exeter. It is primarily on the rise and fall of the kingdom of the 'Middle Saxons' through an archaeological evaluation of their burial sites and estimated practices along the Thames. It is actually far more than that, but that sums it up...

My new Time Team episode will show in England on March 15th...can't wait...that's the one where Tony Robinson flirts with me (hah!)

Many years ago, when Helena was a protege (Helena on the left):

Guest Fest session on archeology
Obituary, March 26, 2016

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