Notes on the presentation by Sandra and Holly Dodd
Montreal, June 5, 2010

Sponsored by Montreal Homelearners

Visiting speaker: Sandra Dodd on unschooling

Saturday June 5th from 2-4pm @ Centre Communidée - room 120.

and later questions

Sandra Dodd and her daughter Holly will bewere in Montreal speaking about unschooling on Saturday June 5th at 2pm at Centre Communidée.
More about Sandra Dodd:
Sandra Dodd has unschooled her three children (now young adults). She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband Keith, their middle child Marty, and (sometimes) their youngest daughter Holly. Sandra is a former instructor of English, a writer by compulsion, and by vocation examines the underpinnings and practicalities of unschooling and mindful parenting.

Sandra has had unschooling articles in various regional and international publications since 1992. Moving a Puddle is a collection of the articles published before 2005, and Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling is a sort of summary of Sandra's unschooling webpage.

READ a little, try a little, wait a while, watch.

Photo by Joëlle Gaudreau

Photos by Sonya Olthof

Why "UN"schooling?

There was a commercial on TV, when John Holt was writing his books, and that is the reason unschooling has the name it has:

Neither of those is the most famous, but that one has been removed from youtube for some reason. the actor is Geoffrey Holder and he did commercials for 7-Up for years. They were famous, and funny, and so something that wasn't same-old (school) was called the UN-[same-old].

"Unschooling works well when parents are interesting, positive, thoughtful, considerate, generous, passionate, honest, respectful individuals." —Deb Lewis

More on "learn" (instead of "teach"):

Thinking about "have to":

Being your Child's Partner, not his Adversary:

Precisely How to Unschool:

Pam Sorooshian on how to unschool:

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Unschooling: Getting
"I knew that. Now I *know* that."

Jenny Cyphers, on Always Learning:

Intellectually, I got unschooling all the way from the very beginning. The part that took more time was relationships and wholeness. When I got THAT, that is when things started happening in the direction that made unschooling work great!

The way I see it, often, is that there are multiple facets that make unschooling work best. The two biggest facets that go hand in hand for me are the absence of school and school think, combined with real working relationship with my kids. People can go and do one or the other and not let them overflow into each other, but it won't be as bright and sparkly, with the facet analogy.

"Unschooling didn't blossom until I stepped away from traditional parenting."—Mercedes Fulwiler

from Sandra's point of view:

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