Living in the moment

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No "bad days," just a bad moment. Don't curse a day; make a better choice.

Moments: Living in moments instead of by whole days.

Being present in the moment / The Clock isn't Hungry

No Bad Days and fewer bad moments

Joy, gratitude, abundance and peace

I'm not interested in helping people battle or fight or struggle. I want to help them find joy, gratitude, abundance and peace.

Fighting a lack of peace isn't creating more peace.
photo by Chrissy Florence

Mistakes Thoughts on regret and guilt
"If we recognize a difficult moment as one tricky moment in a day of potential great moments we're more likely to have a better attitude all day long." —Deb Lewis

Happiness, Freedom and Peace of Mind, with quotes and links about respect and joy

A Great Moment or an ongoing series of great moments
Connections, in the moment

Mindfulness in Unschooling—the meaning of "mindful"

Mindful Parenting and unschooling; being present with and aware of your own child