Milestones in the Lives of Unschoolers

Kelli Traaseth, on her oldest of three turning eighteen.

Gail Higgins, on her son's 18th birthday, which occurred the year her daughter was 21.

Jill Parmer, on the 7th Anniversary of her family's unschooling.

Sandra Dodd, "Magic Window," written in and of that brief time when her kids were 16, 18 and 21

Other Thoughts

Anniversaries and Memories

Perspective: Looking back, looking around by Maya L. in 2014

Retrospective, a summary of unschooling in her family, by Amy McDonough


Top photo by Doris Antony, Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Although "milestone" is used figuratively, as a marked spot "on the road of life," there are many physical milestones. Milestones