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This isn't "the full set" because some went quickly under the bridge and weren't saved, or were on the radio, newspaper, or on a website that's not there anymore, but because some are gone, others have been saved on my site in addition to the link to the original.

There are interviews of me in text lined below (many with photos), and some others. Audio and video are being collected at, but those that are specifically interviews might be below as well.

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Interviews of Sandra Dodd (text/print)

Sandra Dodd—30 years of Unschooling
"Interview by Luna Maj Vestergaard. Originally published (translated to Danish) in 2023, in the April edition of the digital magazine SKOLEFRI."
On that page, it's just called "Sandra Dodd," but on a directory page it's "30 Years of Unschooling." (backup, for distant-future "in case")

Chat with Sandra Dodd on Mommy Chats, 4/25/07
A ten-year-old sort of interview, chat, from a series sponsored by Mothering Magazine series, was posted in a new format in 2017. (backup link)
I have said two years and four years, about how long I was going to do penance.... that's in there.

Some of the stories I was reading in the first part, I also told in a recent interview that will be published in mid-August. So sorry, to people who read this and then listen to that. It might make it seem that I say the same thing all the time. I don't, but if the questions are the same...

Learning for Fun: Interview with Sandra Dodd — Unschooling Mom for 22 Years!   interview by Rashmie Jaaju, on her blog, August 2012

Part 2 of the one above: Sandra Dodd Interview (Part II): How Do Unschoolers Cope with College and 21 Questions on Learning without School and Living Joyfully" interview by Rashmie Jaaju, on her blog, October 2012

Why a Former Teacher Kept Her Own Kids Out of the Classroom, St. Louis Kids Magazine, February 2011 (I gave my kids the choice; the title of that article was not my phrasing.)

An unschooling surprise: Sandra Dodd is in the house!, by Kim Houssenloge in Australia, November 2010.

Interview with Sandra Dodd, Natural Parenting Center; August, 2010 (the original is gone; good thing I saved a backup copy)

Why I Unschooled my Three Kids, April 2010, [the original site is gone; this is a backup I made, but the photos and text are identical.]

Interview by Carletta, of "Successful Homeschooling"

20 Unschooling Questions: Sandra Dodd from NM, USA, May 2009. More a questionnaire than interview, but there are good bits and photos.

An Interview with Sandra Dodd, by Emily Subler, originally in Home Education Magazine in 1998

Living Unschooling with Sandra Dodd, interview by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko (PDF file), which is a Summer 2005 transcript of most of this Radio Interview. The two main topics are strewing and spirituality.

In Portuguese, from Notícias Magazine, Lisbon, in 2013 Escola da vida, escola em casa (pdf)


The Conrad Family, 2023 (podcast, or video, all linked)
#16 Always Learning: A Conversation with Unschooling Pioneer Sandra Dodd

#25 LEARN NOTHING DAY - A dialogue with Sandra Dodd on Unschooling and the Complexities of Parenting

More with The Conrad Family, 2024 (podcast or video)
#54 - Sandra Dodd | Unschooling thoughts on gaming, YouTube and the internet

#55 - Sandra Dodd | The Unforeseen Benefits of Unschooling - Healing past traumas

Pam Laricchia interviewed me in early 2016
EU005: Ten Questions with Sandra Dodd is not short, but we were having fun, and you'll get a chance to laugh.
Later in the same series, Pam interviewed me about how unschooling can change parents. Changes in Parents

The Luminous Mind, Episode 197, Sandra Dodd, “Everything Counts”
, podcast, 2017(?)

Audio interview: on Unschooling— interviewed by Michelle Barone, May 2012 Unschooling Summit (playable sound file and notes)

Amy Childs' Interview with Sandra Dodd, on, October 11, 2010.

Relaxed Homeschooler Podcast from September 8, 2008
The show lasted 90 minutes and I talked most of that time! Listen to the whole thing on my blog here.

Improving Unschooling radio interview by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko

Unschooling: What It's Really All About Sandi Schwartz interviewed me September 30, 2009.

Yi-Tan Weekly Tech Call

Yi-Tan, one-hour discussion of unschooling on Monday, September 21, 2009, with Tammy Takahashi, Sandra Dodd and PS Pirro. It's a quick download, not an online file:
It's a beepy phone call, but at the end the host does an awesome summary.

Sandra Interviews others:

Interview series, "Unschooling in the World," by Sandra Dodd (for a regional Homeschooling magazine that is twice defunct now)

December 2012 "A Rich, Supportive Environment"
with Joyce Fetteroll, of Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

March 2013 "Unschooling is Life"
with Pam Laricchia, of Erin, Ontario, Canada

June 2013 "Four Continents"
with Schuyler Waynforth of Currumbin Waters, Queensland, Australia

September 2013 "Kinder and More Compassionate"
with Rippy Dusseldorp of Leiden, in the Netherlands

March 2014 "The Efficiency of Unschooling"
with Julie Daniel of Ashford, Surrey, UK

June 2014 Montana to Italy via Godzilla
with Deb Lewis of Deer Lodge, Montana, USA (photos still not there; sorry; my fault—Sandra)


Sandra Dodd's UK Visit 2016, on Rethinking Parenting, by Emma Marie Forde

Unschooling; How Learning through Living Leads to Happiness by Sarah Turner, for Principles of Cultural Anthropology (330) at the University of New Mexico in 2012. (Rose Sorooshian was also an informant. She's not named, but those familiar with her will recognize the parts that are about her.)

Unschooling media : participatory practices among progressive homeschoolers. Author: Bertozzi, Vanessa. (Chapter 4 is about our family.)

During that research my kids were 19, 17 and 14. Vanessa wrote: "Sandra, who appears in many photographs with her glasses propped up on her head, has a quick wit and charisma. She's intensely intelligent with a knack for humorously revealing the ridiculous."

I like that one above. This one is more jargonistic and more suitably educationese (for a master's thesis): "In perusing her writings online, I was particularly impressed by the way Sandra writes about unschooling using metaphors that amount to expressive vernacular theories of practice." I can explain in plain English what we're doing, I think she meant to say.

Although the file isn't as easily accessible as if it were in html, there is a good deal of information about our family there.

Always Learning: Sandra Dodd (a questionnaire on Freedom and Fun, 2009)

A 2009 guest post at Blogging 'Bout Boys Wednesday, February 11, 2009 (backup copy)

More about my boys, with a book review, on the same blog. [(backup copy)]


The Natural Child Project Parenting Site of the Month, February 2007

the review and some commentsThe Natural Child Project Parenting Site of the Month

Spoken Word and Video Files Sandra's biographical notes and pages