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I was interviewed for a radio show by unschoolers in Hamilton, in Ontario, "Radio Free School." I was asked to discuss strewing and spirituality, so those are the themes. I used a couple of examples I've used in other talks, but also said some things I'd never said before, so I'm happy with it. It's edited down pretty tightly (half an hour from a 90 minute interview), so it sounds like I talk even faster than I really DO talk. (Also I said "civil war" when I had intended to say something else, but so it goes... overall I think it's good.) There are musical interludes. Either I forgot to say or it was cut that the kids were offered their jobs, and didn't apply for them. (So it's partly that they were noticeably cool kids that got them the offer, I suppose, and I wish I'd said that.)

2005 Radio Free School


From the interviewer:

Dear Sandra,

The show has been uploaded so that you can listen to it when you get a chance. It was very inspiring—I must say, quite a few people have told me they were inspired too. . . Thanks again,

Beatrice Ekoko


I heard you!! You were awesome! I don't think you were talking too fast ... you can tell it's edited, but you still seemed to be speaking deliberately. You are right to be happy with it- and I liked the music, although it was a lot louder than your speaking, so I had to keep adjusting the volume ;-) Hey, at least that means I have speakers now. Thanks for sharing —Lori

Thanks for tipping me off about the radio interview. I enjoyed listening to it! Wow--what insights! —Ymelda

I finally had a chance last night to listen to the radio show you did and LOVED it (I've been forwarding the link to all my friends and relatives!). It's not only wonderfully wise, but you have such a nice voice...very soothing and convincing....just right to help my dh 'get' radical unschooling even better :)

Thanks so much for the link to Sandra's radio show. I LOVED it. As usual, it came at JUST the right time. —[friend of friend]

Hi Sandra,

I want you to know I've quoted you in my blog just now 5/4/05:

Thanks for the insight!


Wendy Priesnitz, Editor
Life Learning Magazine

Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko prepared a transcript of the interview, which was published in Life Learning Magazine (July/August 2005) and can be read in a PDF version.

A subsequent letter to the editor appears below.

wed. march 16, 2005
Improving Unschooling
Interview: Sandra Dodd

music: Pete Seeger; Bronwyn Kay-original composition
edit: Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko

"Why do people take or keep their children out of school? Mostly for three reasons; they think that raising their children is their business, not the government’s; they enjoy being with their children and watching them and helping them learn, and don’t want to give that up to others; they want to keep them from being hurt mentally, physically and spiritually." —John Holt

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